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April 12, 2010


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Good post. I always laugh when I read these. I couldn't disagree with your take on the race much more, but I am in the "road courses are real racing" camp. I only started watching on lap 15. I counted 32 passes on the tv. It wasn't a parade. The race replays on Versus today if you want to see it again! I disagree with you, but I respect your opinion.

We do agree that Milka getting passed on both sides twice was a joke.

Brian McKay

I don't count lapping a backmarker; I count passing for position. And we saw it yesterday. (hooray)

Travis R

P-Dog, I think you need to arrange for an interview with Security Chief Charles. If you dare...

H. B. Donnelly

in honor of your beer of the race, I now recite the opening line of Apocalypse Now: "**"

Savage Henry

It was fun to see Marco running around in front all day. I can't say I'm a fan but it was fun to think about somebody else taking the checkers for a change of pace. He even made his pass on the track.

There was much cursing and bottle throwing when it became clear that he wasn't going to make it on fuel. One check of the hat showed Penske, Ganassi, Ganassi, Penske, Penske behind him.

Roy Hobbson

Saigon alcohol ... NOW WITH 25% MORE COBRA ADRENAL GLANDS!!!

I have nothing else to add, really. (That says it all.) Top-shelf recap though.


Didn't enjoy the race at all. It was a fuel miliage win, no talent required! Passing? Yeah, right. A couple times. But, could Andretti work back up? Could Power or Conway? How hard was it to lap cars? So, yeah, about the passing.

Most likely any new fans watching on TV for the first time left, and in a hurry.

Basicly it was Indycar becomimg F1/Champcar, which well, isn't a good thing. It's not like there are any other tracks that could host a spring Indycar race, right?

Watching the MotoGP between 4-5 didn't enhance my Indycar viewing... Actual passing, non fuel based drama, and drivers who had seemed to care about getting the best possible finishes (Hayden). You couldn't rely on fuel to get you through!

Your right, I'm ready for an oval! But, to be fair, from Kansas on, Indycar hits a large oval strech, and they do end the season with 3 ovals, well, two ovals and Motegi.


Hang in there p-dog.

We'll get to the ovals in a little while and none to soon.

I do miss Homestead and Phoenix (a couple of Springtime venues)along with several of the ovals we used to watch.

What is the deal with losing Milwaukee after almost a hundred years?


Sorry, I miised the part in this recap where Johnny & The Duke predicted this outcome 2 years ago.

Just saying

Jim Bob

I thought The Masters was great television this weekend.

Americans competing at the top of the leaderboard. THE BEST golfers, all of whom EARNED their way there, going after it. Nobody bought their way into Augusta.

The IRL race? Barely watched any of it and only casually had the radio on to listen to Mike and the boys try and stay awake. Not compelling TV and a boring-ass race track. The first real race of the year is in Kansas in early May. These first 4 are just exhibitions of pitting, fuel saving, red/black tires and "pretty scenery". That my friend, is NOT what got people interested in motor racing.

IZOD's slogan (which is a crock) about "the fastest drivers on earth" doesn't cut the mustard. Not when you have run close to 20% of your races, and still haven't run a lap over 130 MPH yet. People drive faster on interstates at 3:00 AM, then you do at Barber.


Twisties: Skill level 90, bravery 10

Roundy-rounds: Skill level 10, bravery 90.

Don't believe me? Take some racing courses.

Leigh O'Gorman

Well, I saw a good deal of passing, but then again I watched the heli-cam feed from
Quite enjoyable my end, although if they tightened up one of two corners, it'd be better.

Actually reminds me of some of the classic F1 tracks from the 70's and 80's.

Mike R

Disagree with SOCSeven on those skill/bravery levels. The skills on an oval, dancing with disaster (no runoff areas) and responding appropriately to a car stepping out, and the bravery to do it when you're traveling over 100 yards per second, is more like 50/50. Road courses I'd say are skill 60, bravery 40...that is, if you drive at the front of the field...and yes, I've driven on both (though not at those speeds on an oval).


I was in attendance at Barber (and St. Pete for that matter...and I'll be at Kansas too!) aand I can say that Barber really is a great facility that makes mid-ohio look like a dump. The camera truly does not do the place justice, and it was a "proper motor race" to watch in person w/a big crowd...and for the record, I do like the twisties.


I agree w/Leigh...the 9-10-11 complex have a bit of Eau Rouge feel to them.

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