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April 01, 2010


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The Speedgeek


As a guy whose dad actually receives 401k disbursements from Cray Research, and who also was given a cake summer intership there during the Silicon Graphics ownership days...there are no words. just awesome.

I probably still prefer #50, but I am seriously A-OK with every single one of Swift's concept drawings so far. I really do hope that they get a legit look during the selection process.

team canada

Wow,, I need to change my shorts, if that isn't one of the most beautiful cars I have seen. Looks fast, sleek, bad-ass, and has a ton of space for sponsor placement.


Exactly, I dropped my water as well ... When it comes to raw awesome aesthetics Swift has booted everyone in the crotch.

Demond Sanders

There is a God! I knew it!


The Swift machines look GREAT!

Howevaa, hasn't Swift already come out and said they would not manufacture the car in Indianapolis? (Strike one)

And, what about this car reduces drag on the tires to help keep the speeds up and the fuel consumption down? (Strike two)

So, yeah, she can't cook, she can't clean, but she sure looks good in bed. Man, I need a smoke.

Tom G.


I feel so... dirty


Sex sells. And, no, I am not talking about the DongWing.

Darren Settle

Simply the most awesome indycar i have ever seen!!! I'm in love!!!

The Speedgeek

Just to address those couple of things:

1) Swift would be building their cars at their already existing facility in California. All of the other bidders have made promises that they'd start facilities in Indiana, but only one of the bidders actually has a shop in the US right now (Swift). And it's not unprecedented for IndyCars to be built in California, since Dan Gurney built his Eagles out there for 20 or so years.

2) Swift isn't shrouding the wheels, and so are keeping to the "open wheel" look that a lot of people hold as a must-have (I'm not one of them). On the other hand, they have cut down the wings, the #2 source of drag on an IndyCar, by a huge percentage, which will help make the cars more efficient. Remember, Delta Wing is the only one of the bidders who is claiming that they can do the speeds we've always seen with 300-350 HP. Swift, I'm thinking, is probably targeting 500-550 HP, which is not out of the question for a 4-cylinder turbo racing engine. Would we see 10 MPG with any of the non-DW cars? No, but maybe that's not that big of a deal. That's open for debate.


Personally, I don't give a F--- if the car's build in Indy, it's still built in the US, and I don't give a F--- about fuel consumption, we already use green tech.

Besides, it likely has some of the atributes of delta wing, as Ben Bowlbey once stated on Trackside that the original Delta Wing design looks like a Prototype Le Mans car, which Swift's designs also somewhat resemble.

I think #33 is still the best, but 66, 55 and 32 are all great. 23, not quite, it looks to F12008, but still better than a trike, or a Dallara.


This car is just hot. Every time I look at it I hear Blak Jak's "Ball Out" Swift is an American company NOW, that builds cars in California right now. If they build them in California, Indiana, whatever. I'm pretty much with Dylan above and others. I just want a car that makes people pee when they look at it that can run nose-to-tail and side-by-side around IMS at 220, 230, whatever it takes. HOW they get there, don't care.


I have no words. That is a fantastic design. Swift is banging on all cylinders right now. Wow.


I've been looking at this picture and 66 is running wheel to wheel with 33 in my favorite list!


Still like #50 better, as I'm not a fan of shark fins. And, I'd like this better if they just filled in the sidepod area in front of the "C" in Cray. But overall, as Spencer stated, Swift is hitting on all cylinders these days. "Oh baby, that's-a what I like."


Jawdropping design! Swift wins handsdown!
Some minor tweaks and it would be perfect.


This actually is the first design that left me staring at it like looking at Phoebe Cats walking out of the pool from Fast Times at Ridgemont High or any picture of Megan Fox. Excuse me, I need to go change my underwear......


I'll back Dylan... the Swift"33" is still the STRONGEST. Closely followed by the 50 & the 32B. Love PARTS of he 66... it just doesn't "flow" as nice as the other Swift concepts.

Totally agree thought.... the Swift concepts are lapping the 2012 design field. If only the Delta Wing looked like the Swifts!!! :) :)

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