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May 25, 2010


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Well, this certainly came out of nowhere, didn't it? Hope construction starts today...

Leigh O'Gorman

I'm used to Bernie throwing curveballs to put people off the scent, but I wasn't expecting Texas - seriously looking forward to what they can come up with in terms of a circuit


Glad it's not a street course, but it better not be another boring Tilke Track. Those are so dull. Hopefully they manage to construct a decent course.


What the Jersey City 300 is off?? My homies were already practicing carjacking in foreign languages.

Leigh O'Gorman

You can still do that in Austin Robert - you just have to apply for extra travel and hotel fees beforehand

Gurney Eagle

"No details have yet emerged about the track layout, or whereabouts in Austin the venue will be built." I will remain skeptical until those questions are answered. In fact, I'll believe it when an actual lap is turned by an actual F-1 car.

Tom M.

who got blown to get that deal done?

Brian McKay

me, too


Guess Bernie doesn't remember the 110 degree (& 130-40 degree tract temps) Dallas GP, eh?? $$$ talks???

I need to read more on this... but I'm not buying it. Smells kinda like the USF1 deal & Bernie green-lighted BOTH of these deals


However, Austin is by far the coolest city in Texas!! Great music, Great food!!! :) :)

Champ Car Dork

Why not a street course? Those things are the future of motor racing!!!


I just hope it's a GORGEOUS FACILITY, which is what truly matters.

F1 Prospects

This will be paired with the Canadian GP in early June or perhaps they will both be moved to September. Quite the shocker!


Not a shocker that it would be a combo w/ Canada. Big $$$ to fly the F1 Circus over to N/A twice

A September date would help the temps stay below 100.

Travis R

I'm excited about this (even though I'm in the Indy area) - I'm ready to go! Two thoughts come to mind:

1. I hope it's not a Tilke track.

2. I see an opportunity for the IICS. This could be a great venue for American open wheel. F1 brings about 4 or 5 other series along with them to Grands Prix, so why not make the entire IRL ladder system (including the IICS) the opening act for the F1 race? It would be great international exposure. I just see this as a really great marketing opportunity for Randy Bernard...

Jim Bob

You think ANYONE in Austin Texas is going to give a rip about F1 racing in the middle of football season?

If this thing sees year 3, I'll be shocked.

Jim Bob

"I see an opportunity for the IICS."


Indy Cars already race in Texas. Its their 2nd most well-attended event. The main guy at Texas is on the Iconic Committee. Texas Speedway has been LOYAL to Indy Cars when many others have not been and when it wasn't "cool" to back the IRL.

Plus, we already have enough road and street venues stinking up the schedule.

And we don't need anymore of our drivers slumming around with the F1 set then they already do. Most of these guys and gals already dream about F1 and are only in Indy Cars because they have no other options. If they want to go see the F1 race, let em go on their own time. Not because Indy Cars want to play 6th fiddle to Bernie's traveling circus.


I live in Austin and the first time I ever heard word one about this deal was when I read Pressdog today.

I watched the local news tonight. It was the second story, following some vandalism involving super-glue at Bowie High School.

They didn't seem to have any further details. Talk about out of the blue.

And although it doesn't rain much it is very hot and humid in the summers here.


This is out of the blue. It seems a little odd to hold an F1 event in a city with virtually no nonstop international flights and precious few nonstop US flights. Austin also doesn't have any auto racing culture. Getting people to the track may require painting an F1 car burnt orange and sticking the Longhorn logo on it.

I hope the race is in June, not September. In terms of the weather, early-mid June has less of a chance of being in the 100s than early-mid September. If the race is in September they will need to hold it on a non-football weekend. 90,000+ Longhorn fans suck up the hotel rooms. I'm also not sure how many people in Texas would go to an F1 race over staying home and watching the Cowboys or Texans games on Sunday.

We'll see what actually happens. Hopefully the race will occur and locals will introduce all the visitors the bliss that is breakfast tacos, Mexican martinis and kayaking on Lady Bird Lake.

Tom G.

Relax everybody! The track will be ready. In fact Pete Windsor and Ken Anderson are leading the construction effort. I hear it will be "supah"!


They are going to design in on their supah computah!

gary p

I hear the track layout resembles the outline of a toaster.

This stinks to high heaven. Until some billionaire steps forward and admits to loving F1 so much he's willing to piss away half his life savings just to bring the circus to Texas I'm not buying it.

Building a track from scratch and securing the rights from FOM for 10 years has got to be a half billion dollar commitment. Operating expenses for the facility would likely consume any ticket revenue and concessions gross so any kind of ROI on the facility and license fee is never gonna happen.


on the news they're telling everyone that the F1 track would bring over 200 million into the local economy ever year. they actually said it's just like hosting the SuperBowl only "every year."

Leigh O'Gorman

"on the news they're telling everyone that the F1 track would bring over 200 million into the local economy ever year. they actually said it's just like hosting the SuperBowl only "every year.""

$200 million... hmm, I doubt that. However, one of the reasons the Canadian race is back on is because the event brings around $70-80 million (Canadian) to the city of Montreal on a yearly basis.
Whether that could be replicated in the US though...


Great idea, but not enough time to do it all.

I read that Tilke has already been selected to "compromise" the design.

Where is the 200-300 million dollar construction money coming from? This has all the earmarks of the sad effort by Simon Gillette to take F1 away from Silverstone. Bernie leaves no profit to developers, so who and why would anyone "invest"?

Show me the money, and MAYBE I'll believe!


The promoter has NOT even bought land yet!!! This has USF1 Part II written all over it... :( :(

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