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May 25, 2010


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"Nobody wants to kill anyone, to be sure..."

Not true, Kyle Busch wanted to kill teammate Denny Hamlin after the All-Star Race Saturday night. :)

Andy Bernstein

Watched a clip last night, Chicagoland 2006(?) Hornish, Herta, Yasakawa, Dixon. Un-bricking-faleeveable.


Chicagoland is always un-bricking-faleeveable. Chicagoland Freak Show. Dig up some four-wide Texas beauties from back in the day. Just makes sure you are sitting on a bunch of towels when you watch them.

Andrew CraigList

"Chicagoland is always un-bricking-faleeveable."

I guess. But I'd rather have beautiful scenery, beer gardens, volleyball games and a nice party atmosphere, then a kick-ass race.

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