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May 20, 2010


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The Speedgeek

Goddammit. I quit. I'm never topping that.


I know. DAMN YOU HOBBSON. DAMN YOU TO HELL. BASTARD. (shakes fist at monitor, chugs fifth of whiskey)

Catie R

Dang, man... it's good stuff. Good stuff.
Probably shouldn't even start after reading stuff like that. Dang...


I'm aghast that any modeling agency would rent that cute kid to someone like Hobbson.

(To quote the Dog, "manly tears were shed.")


Wow. Just wow.


I took my oldest son to the track when he was a year and one week old. He couldn't even walk. I had him in a carrier. He's been enthralled ever since and, after spending several days at the track each of his ten years, saw his first 500 last year and swears he will never miss another one.

Being a dad is cool. Having a son who loves IMS as much as you do is VERY cool.

Roy brought tears to my eyes with that because I can identify so much. Indy is special for so many reasons that people can't explain. It means different things to different people but when it grabs you, it grabs hard.

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