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May 16, 2010


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pressdog and IndyCar fan

nice interview


Hey PDog,

Great interview! John Andretti is always someone worth listening to..

And again time for some shameless plugging.

I just posted,(a day late..but I work at the track so I'm sure it's ok haha), on my blog about Opening Day.

I'd love it if you'd check it out.


Mike R

John Andretti was, and still is, the most gracious and cordial of all his family, a genuinely nice man whose talent was never fully rewarded with the success one would hope for. I watched him race Sprint Cars on the west coast in CRA, in which he was very capable. In 1991, I had the pleasure of some minor interactions with him when he was driving for Jim Hall in CART. This includes running into him in a lounge in the airport in Hawaii on the way back from Surfer's Paradise after his win there. As always, he was approachable and pleasant and seemed genuinely grateful for the congrats I offered. I hope he has a great run at the Speedway this year.

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