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May 14, 2010


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The Speedgeek

Fighting...urge... Too...many...potential....plays on words...


Kinda surprised you didn't jump on the "Pippa Mann looks really racy today" tweet from NZRConsulting. I swore I heard a cornoary pop somewhere off in the distance westward.


Ummm... That's not what cajones means! You mean 'cojones,' not 'boxes' or 'coffins!'

Dean Van Line

Hopefully she'll actually win a professional race sometime with those "grande jeuvos" she supposedly has.


Ha ha. My college Spanish teacher would be most displeased. "Cojones." Changed it, Franchittilitter. But I hear Pip has huge coffins too. Thanks for harshing my buzz, Dean. Appreciate it.


....or as Speed F1's David Hobbs used to say "Large attachments"

D. Slump-Drummer

Dear Pressdog,
I must respond to your May blog regarding Pippa Mann's supposed “cajones”.

As a doctor of Girl Racecarology, I feel I should correct the anatomical misapprehension that your article may foster. As a holder of an advanced certificate from Ace Medical University, Storm Doors, Windows, and Siding (located next to the “Nails-R-Us” salon in downtown Cleveland), I am an expert on these matters.

While she may desire them, the possession of cajones by Ms. Mann is medically impossible. Let's start with the basics in order to explain why. As everyone knows, men have a “johnson” and girls have a “down there.” Now, in that fascinating area, the tissue structures include the following: the gulf of guthrie, the danica gland, and the fisher fissure. The gulf of guthrie supplies much needed nutrients to the danica gland, which in turn toughens the female tissues. Men of course also have the fisher fissure, but it is often removed after bad racing behavior. This is called a fissurectomy. Women cannot have this vital area removed. (Only three male doctors in the world have tried it; they were all later found dead, beaten to death by the heels of fashionable shoes). Despite the work of the danica gland to toughen the tissues, there is not enough skin area or sinew to support the sac-like structures that house (but rarely do a hell of a lot to protect!) a pair of “cajones.” Thus Ms. Mann is indeed tough and highly competitive, but cannot possess cajones, much less ones made of heavy metals , such as “steel.”

A fascinating sidelight of this medical area is the magical work of the danica gland in some, but not all, women. The effect is found only in female auto racers. For reasons yet unknown, the gland, nourished by the gulf of guthrie, grows an entirely new organ: a small, tough, straw-like structure with a direct attachment to the nervous system, yet not anything like a “cajone”. This is the Tracy Tube, or in her case perhaps, the “isle of Mann.” When excited by competition, or in the presence of testosterone, particularly Canadian testosterone, it secretes a vile bile, and causes a complete inability to control bad language, much like a momentary blast of Turret's syndrome, dubbed by some, “Tracy Turets.”

I hope this has exposed more of this (t)issue.

Dr. D. Slump-Drummer)
Girl Racecarologist

Erwin Calverley

LOL! Every car driver should have the courage to face anything on the road. Men may be the more dominant today in terms of the number of drivers participating in professional races, but women are slowly but surely getting some of the limelight as some of the best drivers in the world today. She's got the kind of courage to race a car at very high speeds in very technical race tracks, and she deserves to be an inspiration for the ladies. :)

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