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May 07, 2010


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Jim Bob

"Cultivate" young drivers?

How about just HIRING the best young American talent again? There still out there. They always have been. NASCAR doesn't deserve to get them all. But they have, because AOW has ignored them for the better part of 2 decades now.

We can start with the two American kids who won Lights and Atlantics championships in 2009.

Instead we get the medicore guys and gals from those series, just because their checkbook opens wider then the guys who whipped their ass on the track.

And this has been going on and on and on for years. It HAS to stop.

Leigh O'Gorman

The future Jim Bob, think of the future....


Before any team owner can afford to HIRE a driver they need to make money, in order to spend money. As Leigh wisely points out it's in the future. And there are many forms of singles in Baseball; right now I'd settle for a bunt as opposed to a hard line drive off the outfield wall. Get on base any way you can.

What gave me some comfort from Randy's interview were his comments about the ICONIC committee, and getting the next car selection right. Based on that alone I would venture a guess that the space ship will be judged as too radical.


Exactly. I was thrilled to hear Randy talk about hitting some singles. Advance the runners. One thing at a time. Business leaders who take this base-hit approach end up doing great things over the long term while people who try to go yard every time usually end up striking out so often they go belly up.


Jim Bob, what was the last time we saw a Milka Duno in Formula 1? Backfielders look like bad drivers because they drive slow cars and the top driver/car combinations are amazingly fast. There aren't bad drivers because there are more than 26 well-founded great drivers to make it.

And there are plenty of great drivers because, in nearly every country with strong auto racing, most young drivers wish to get to Formula 1. That's not the case with IndyCar. So having few karting drivers brings to few Skip Barber, F2000, Star Mazda, Indy Lights and few IndyCar drivers, and with them more ride buyers.


Jim Bob, here's a suggestion. Since you want American drivers in IndyCar, why don't YOU write the $5 million dollar or so check to get what you want?

Sarcasm aside, you reflect everything bad about IndyCar fans. Your approach is "I want this to happen, so it should, because I want it. To hell with logic, reality, reason, I WANT THIS AND YOU BETTER GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!"

Contrast that with Randy Bernard, who looks at things sagely and rationally. Mr. Bernard has a plan. All you have is whining and complaining. When you come up with an idea to change things, let me know. Until then, your whining and moaning serves no purpose.

Naomi Champy

"That's confidential information that I swore I wouldn't anything about. And for me to say that right there, that was very hard. Because I like to talk."

This statement from Bernard is kinda funny, hehe. You know the feeling when sometimes you wanna talk, but you just can't? I often feel that! Cheers to this man! It must be difficult for him to be the CEO, but he's surely having fun! He deals with "racing", of course.

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