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May 03, 2010


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Brian McKay

Thanks SO MUCH for interviewing Simona twice. Thanks. Good job. Simona speaks English better than I speak German! I hope that she enjoys much success in open-wheel racing here or in Europe.
I was surprised to read, "there are actually different lines on an oval, and on a road course you don’t really have that." I observed racers driving different lines at Saint Petersburg and Alabama. A particular driver will try differing lines. And racers said so after the Alabama race.
I was also surprised to read that Mike Cannon was her engineer, though I'd read late last year or early this year that he'd gone to HVM.
Simona could have a bright future. She's one to watch.

Tim Hartigan

Really nice interview, your definitly are much better than your average blogger. Good questions also, We gotta get you to Long Beach next year.


It would be great to hear what the whole Indy experience is like thru Silvester Di Simona's--um--I mean thru Simona's eyes if you happen to catch up with her there, P-Dog.


Just FYI, PressDog, there is no language called "Swiss". There are four official languages in Switzerland: German; French; Italian; and Romansh -- which is a Latin derivative related to French, Lombard Italian, and Occitan (a group of dialects spoken in southern France, Monaco, and parts of Italy and Spain). Most of the German spoken in Switzerland is a particular dialect of its own, so it is maybe that to which you were referring.

Good interview. I hope Simona is a quick learner and begins to show Danica her "rear view" on a regular basis (of course I mean the car). Keep up your crusade to create a rivalry. It would be fun to watch.


Hey P-Dog: Simona gave you some THANKS props on her Facebook page! Congrats on a solid interview.

Jim Bob

Do we have any drivers in the series that would say Indy Car was their "ultimate goal" when they were growing up?

I know we have more then a few in Cup.

I don't blame Sim or the countless others that are here but don't truthfully aspire to be here long-term (if they can help it). Its not their fault, that we have lost one generation of American and Canadian kids and are currently working on another one.

The current group of full-timers are just going where their money and talent take them. And that is Indy Car.

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