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May 25, 2010


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The 2-Seater needs ENTOURAGE decals & Johnny Drama yelling VICTORY!!! :) :) Wow, Funky-Bunch gets an Andretti for his driver, eh talk about an entourage like moment.

Andy Bernstein

I hope he hurls. In his helmet.

Jim Bob

Will the Funky Bunch ride in the side car?

Hopefully Mario keeps it in the ballpark this time at IMS.


Needs More Turtle!

Gurney Eagle

What is the point of this? And the Jack Nicholson bullshit? And a no-talent hack like Jewel? The Speedway is turning the greatest sporting event in the world into a circus.


I think the point is to attract attention. Obviously HOW to attract attention will generate massive debate and varying opinions. I think from an IMS perspective, what they've been doing isn't working, so they are trying to find something new to do.


Come on GurneyEagle... celebs have been coming to Indy for 100 years. As for Jewel... how many Grammy awards to you have on the shelf? She doesn't have the hits of ZZ Top (the other musical act @ Indy this year) so she's a "no-talent HACK"? That's harsh, eh?

The Speedgeek

I'm going to hope that Mr. Eagle up there is being facetious. As for me, at least a little part of the attraction of the race growing up was seeing a montage of pictures in my local newspaper of the A-list celebrities that were at the 500 that year (which was of course eclipsed by the montage of pictures of actual race drivers and racing cars going fast). I'm just glad to hear that the days of Rupert from Survivor being the biggest celebrity on the grounds come race time might be over.

Gurney Eagle

If we must be subjected to has-beens such as Mr. Nicholson and Marky Mark then confine them to the parade where they belong. Do not soil Race Day with their presence.

I resent the implication that I have no musical ability. I have won just as many Grammys as Jewel has.


GurneyEagle... thanks for the comedy session!!! Haven't "Gomer Pyle" & "Mrs. Brady" been part of the 500 RACE DAY festivities for the last 4 decades???

At least Jack has been in blockbuster movies through those same 4 decades (pays for his courtside Lakers tickets) & Marky Mark produces numerous shows on HBO. Hard to be a "has-been" when your projects are making people a crap-load of $$$ bro! :)

The Gurney Eagles exhaust notes are MUSIC to my ears but Grammy winners? The music Eagles would require IMS to charge an extra $100 for them to come to Indy!! :) :)

Andy Bernstein

Gene Simmons had more fans from outside the racing community than Wahlberg and Nicholson combined. Same for Steven Tyler.

I'd rather watch all of them do their jobs, and see the quality of the 500 attract them as fans.


Did you type that with a straight face, Andy? Jack Nicholson. The actor. You can't be serious. Just take a look at the total box office gross for Nicholson's films. Those are fans willing to pay money to see him act. I'd estimate that Nicholson, Jewel and Wahlberg combined have about five times more many fans (and name recognition) as all of IndyCar.

Andy Bernstein

Yeah, I'm straight but I usually type with my fingers. Thanks for asking just the same.


I think more humans on this planet know of Jack's use of white make-up as the JOKER for one movie than Gene Simmons use to play his DEMON + play bass is KISS for 3 decades!

I also love Steven Tyler & Aerosmith... but the Indy crowd did seem to dig Steve's version of the National Anthem! Just sayin'...

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