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June 23, 2010


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Brian McKay

I read the whole transcript though I hadn't intended to. Thanks, Pressdog. But to be polite I'll refrain from any comments (not takin' the bait).


Politeness. I love it. Interesting stuff in there, I thought, for fan and non-fan alike. As I said, I was happy to see so many "IndyCar" mentions. Probably drives NASCAR peeps INSANE. Har.


Well, 30% of your blogs between Monday and Wednesday this week have been directly involving Danica. Did she serve you the kool-aid in that hauler?

Seriously, isn't there any other news about any of the other drivers, or anything else happening in the series to merit more attention than PSP?

There are a lot of sites I don't visit anymore because of the overemphasis on her to the detriment of all of the other racers in the league and the series itself. I'm very disappointed that you're swerving now in that direction too.


Seriously, Sue? Did you miss the 5,300-word exclusive interviews (actual word count) with Marco and Graham over the weekend? Or the 5,900-word exclusive interview with Erin Crocker recently? Missed the 535-word Salute to Sarah over the weekend? What about the Will and Helio Show story from their test here? None of which involved the word "Danica." Sorry you're disappointed, but if that doesn't constitute "news about other drivers," then I can't help you out.


No, I specifically noted the time period from Monday through Wednesday - 3 days, 30% content. I didn't miss any of the other stories, and was glad that you had them as they were all very enjoyable. But again, you did not have 3 stories in 3 days on Sarah, or Will, or Helio, or Marco, or Graham. You did have two days on Erin, but you titled it as Part I and Part II. At any rate, the great thing about all of this is that you can write what you wish because that is what it's all about. I can read what I want, and pass on what I don't. And I should have passed on making any comments. Peace.


The two 'feud' blogs are as much about TK as Danica-- with a bit of Sarah, etc. thrown into the mix for that matter.

So in a web blog specifically featuring the women of open wheel racing, the blogger (Pressdog) is out-of-line for blogging about the most well-known woman in open wheel racing when she is currently a major media topic on two fronts-- NASCAR and team feud?

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