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June 08, 2010


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Roy Hobbson

We are Bloggers, goddamnit. Not highly-trained media people. We butcher entire paragraphs & make the journalistic equivalent of fart noises. QUIT DOING THE PROFESSIONALS' JOBS & RETURN TO YOUR BASEMENT FUTON AT ONCE!!!


"You know, you don’t have money, you don’t have a sponsor, this (NASCAR) is an opportunity you can get there somewhat based on talent."

And people wonder why the Americans ditched IndyCar....

Randy, are you listening?

Anyways, was a fan of hers until the end. I don't think of her as a "homewrecker", but she was one of the reasons one of my favorite teams (Evernham) now sits empty (their new "owner" being the biggest).

I was wrong about her (winning stock cars) and so far been wrong about Danica (winning more than ONE race). Ironic that both of their pro careers started EXACTLY at the same time.

Perhaps third time this decade's a charm (Simona)?


Fair enough, Nathan. I've always been a fan of Erin Crocker's work on the track. As she said, her entanglement with Ray Evernham sort of short-circuited her run at NASCAR, so I don't think she got a real shot. Again, as Erin admits, much of that shortened opportunity was her own doing, or at least a consequence they both foresaw going into the relationship. Erin struck me as completely unbitter and happy, though, which was great to see. And everybody I know or have read or heard agrees she can drive the hell out of a sprint car.


nathan, she also said--

"Nascar is becoming that way--every form of racing is--you (the drivers) need to try and bring money to the table."

Jim Bob


Tell us which Cup rides are funded by the drivers? I'll give you Paul Menard and Kevin Conway. Who else? Who else's personal checko or daddy's money is paying for their participation in the top rung of the sport? How many teams in NASCAR (in Cup, Nationwide and Trucks) have owners who don't find sponsors on their own and sit on their ass waiting for the driver to fund them?

If NASCAR Cup was like Indy Car, they'd have a bunch of F1 feeder foreign drivers paying their way to play and a bunch of talented Americans sitting on the sidelines. And if Cup was like Indy Car, there would have been ZERO American rookies come into the sport in the past 2 years and TV ratings that college softball and women's hockey would be upset with.


I don't buy your comment that she never got a real chance at Nascar. She did some Nationwide races, then had a whole year in Trucks, and I think more Nationwide races that year, then a year or so later had a couple of more Truck races. She had a great chance with a top funded and sponsored team. She just wasn't a talented stock car racer.


She is very Pretty n Beautiful.....


So what does Cynthia Nixon (in your link) have to do with Erin Crocker, Union?

Leigh O'Gorman

what an odd link...

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