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June 19, 2010


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Thanks for the interview! Great questions, and it must have been fun to sit with Graham.

However... dude - maybe more proofreading next time. Aside from a bunch of grammar errors, missing, wrong or double words, there were some things that just didn't make sense.

For example, what does this mean:

"The processing to new car final was opposed setting up for the road course, is something you had to learn to do?"

Sorry to be picky, but I thought you'd like to know...

Thanks for all you do!


Holy bad click. Meant to click the "save as draft" button and work on it more before posting and clicked the "publish now" apparently. Wasn't ready for prime time, obviously. I'm running through it. Thanks for the comment.

Catie R

I figured something weird was up... The P-Dog doesn't screw up stuff like that THAT much. :)
Thanks for the interview!


It's interesting, but also disappointing, that Sarah Fisher fans get more information about SFR from Graham Rahal than from SFR itelf. C'mon SFR, start twittering and please update that painful website. You really are missing out on cultivating a broader fan base.

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