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June 22, 2010


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You mean I didn't blow it out of proportion enough in the TSO update he based his story off of?


Always feel free to embellish it Joe. Err on the side of out-of-proportion-ness, is all I'm saying. That and everyone should subscribe to

Team canada

When Bourdais and Tracy went at it for a few years, it made copy and it captured the spirit of true rivalry. Something like this is what helps to bring some excitement to the series.


Yes, Team Canada, exactly. The rivalry helped Champ Car AND it helped the individuals by getting them attention and motivating them on the track. Win-win, so long as it doesn't get personal and nasty, and we're a long way from that in IndyCar.

Allen Wedge

Seriously, TK should fill Danica's car with packing peanuts... that would get some awesome press, and it'd be relatively harmless.


Bring it on...Let's not forget TK INHALING DP to send her a lap down...

H. B. Donnelly

In 1963, Eddie Sachs complained that Parnelli Jones cheated into that year's 500 win (to PJ's face, mind). Parnelli punched Eddie to the floor. Last I checked, they still held the 500 in 1964, so I don't think rivalries are such a bad thing.

And as much as we love to complain about NASCAR, the people sit up and pay attention when one guy goes to another's pit and tries to throw down...rivalries: not a problem.

Concerned Fan

Anthony Schoettle thanks you for the web hits, vows to write more ridiculous scare stories, and issue constant calls for Randy Bernard to apologize on behalf of Tony George. Hopes his boss understands how relevant and controversial he is.


Yeah, that "apologize for Tony George" thing was way out there as well. How 'bout we not do that, and instead focus on building this thing back up?

Tom G.

TK and Danica dissing each other is still way more appetizing than watching Dario and TK kiss.

Jim Bob

What's the big story here? There is really news here? No "effin BS" on this one (nice language, DP!).

NOBODY likes Danicker in Indy Car. Nobody. And that hasn't changed since 2005.

The fact that she can't even get along with people employed by the same team that employs her, says all you need to know about this young lady.

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