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June 18, 2010


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The Speedgeek

Feeder series primer:

Star Mazda cars have the air intake over the driver's head, F1- or IndyCar-style. Oh, and they scream like a banshee. F2000s have the engine air intake over and behind the driver's left shoulder and sound a little more subdued.

Enjoy all that on-track goodness. You lucky #%^&*.


On the feeder system, yes FIL needs some work, for usf2000 and star mazda please keep in mind these are 15 year olds... what sport puts 15 year olds on TV?? Mom, dad and the kids are chasing the dream with the college fund, 401k loans and perhaps a local big wig putting a little money in the kitty. They aren't supposed to be big. League...

Arute's Limo Driver

FIL needs some work? Really?

It needs to be put out of its misery. If Schmidt or Herta leave for Indy Car next year, that series is toast (if its not already).

Its a highly overpriced club series (with no TV deal, no fans and barely any teams), for rich kids and their family's checkbook. If you happen to stumble upon a actual driver, you are lucky.

Bernard says he wants to have a stronger feeder series. How about actually creating one first? The 2nd incarnation of Indy Lights hasn't worked.

Leigh O'Gorman


15 year-old's on TV racing? It'd probably get shown on MotorsTV over here (UK), but I have no idea what the US equivalent is (is there one?).
It's a shame, because it's a great way to keep a heads up on the young guns coming through.


Interestingly enough, even the bottom-of-the-AOWR-ranks USF2000 cars lap Iowa Speedway nearly as quickly (~130 mphish) as any of the stock cars (NationBusch, Truck, ARCA, etc...).

Star Mazda, which also put on a very good show on Saturday, runs a fair bit quicker (~145mphish).

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