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June 18, 2010


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The Speedgeek

A complete fabrication. No yells of "so's your face!"? No storming off at the end? Couldn't have been Marco.

I kid. Nice interview, and some good candid thoughts in there by Marco. I sort of disagree with him that the DW will look like an F2000 car coming off a corner, mainly because the DW is supposed to be 100-200 lbs. lighter than an F2000 car, have less acceleration-sapping drag, have nearly 2.5 times the power, and likely triple or quadruple the torque. It'd be pretty fast, I'm sure. All of that said, though, I do enjoy Marco's take.


Not a single "so's yer face"?!? Marco's gone soft! Or that smoothie had a secret ingredient!

Great interview, P-dog!

Catie R

Wow, I didn't want to punch Marco in the face for once, really. I mean, really, he seemed almost normal.

Thanks for the interview, P-dog!


I know! Marco was quite pleasant, I swear, and seemed to be OK with talking to me and being in Iowa and everything. Not one SO'S YOUR FACE look or vibe. Pretty sure it was the real Marco and not an impostor. I quite enjoyed our talk.


Thanks for the interview. I was glad he was so candid on subjects like the DW. Great Job!!!

Concerned Fan

@The Speedgeek: Uh, I think that F2000 remark is an example of what's known as "exaggerating for effect."

The DW has roughly the power to weight ratio of an Indy Lights car. That's going the wrong direction. Yes, it will perform better than a lights car as the aero forces rise, but that's not what Marco was talking about. He's talking about coming off a corner.

I've heard a few drivers from the 900 HP days make the same remarks about the current car, and the need for more power (Little Al, Gil, Towsend). The current car is too easy to drive. There isn't enough power to differentiate between drivers exiting corners. Watching Danica's foot-cam at Watkins, one realizes that there is a very fine line in the ICS between rolling on the throttle, and just punchin' it.

If drivers think the current car is under powered, then no one should be surprised when one thinks the DW is.

Concerned Fan

Oh, almost forgot to say... Great interview 'dog. These interviews of yours are definitely your forte. Really good.


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