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June 29, 2010


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Pippa Mann rocks!
I was crushed when she was crashed into at the freedom 100. :(


Another great article Bill!


Excellent article. It was really interesting to hear Pippa's perspective.

F1 Prospects

Excellent two part article. The whole issue of the economics of GP2 is something that is of concern to Jean Todt of FIA. I think he is looking to have an official FIA formula as the proper stepping stone to F1 instead of having a commercial series be the last rung. And costs containment is an important consideration.

Jack The Root

Yes, I am sure Charlie Kimball has all the advantages because "he's an American". Uhh, right.

Hey Pippa, you seen Indy Car lately? Ain't many American drivers left, that aren't related to the car owner.

Pippa gives a nice interview, but the facts are she doesn't appear to be very talented as a race driver. Sucks to say that, but she can't even compete driving for Panther and Sam Schmidt with less-then-full (or deep in talent) fields.


My comment was based on Charlie's performance and commercial background with his diabetes sponsor, and all the work he does for them first and second, and then on him being American very much third... I was just making the point, that while being a good prospect on track, and commercially, he is American too. It certainly can't hurt him, and it is another string to his bow.

I'm also sorry that you feel being on pole at Indy is "not competitive"... (!!!) Unfortunately what happened in the race was beyond my control, but I'm not sure whether you can get much more competitive than pole in qualifying...!

I understand that while I have fans out there, I will always have critics, so thank you for sharing your opinion! I am, as always, working hard to prove you and my other critics wrong. However at the same time I am working far far harder to reward, repay and give back to all of my fans, supporters, and everyone who always has and continues to stand behind me! And to everyone who does, once again, thank you! :)

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