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June 14, 2010


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Gary Walter

Come on Pressdog! Lots of very good family Italian places to eat in Des Moines (not just LK); when I get back home that is what I want. Not many good Italian places here in Indy!

And for those of us heading back East after the race, there is a little place one exit east of the track - great food (and fuel for the car if you need it). If you leave a little later you will see a race team or two as well and then those heading to Indy can follow the transporters all the way home. IowaBoyinIndy


Come on IowaBoyIndy! I don't know from east. Grinnell is over there, I know. "A little place one exit east of the track" certainly is some great directions, though.


So can you break down Iowa City for those of us whose accomodations are east of the track?

Gary Walter

One exit east of the track - Kellogg I think. Only thing there is a gas station with a small diner in it. Very small diner. Good food though and both years teams have stopped there on the way home. Probably shouldn't mention it though as it is quite small.

Why didn't you mention Maid Rites? Ah, maid rites! IowaBoyinIndy


Holy shiz, JP, Iowa City? That's 90 min. east of Newton. I'd suggest hitting Grinnell ( or Newton itself instead.

Gary Walter

I have made the trip from Des Moines (old hometown) to Indianapolis (new hometown - 20+ years) probably 200 times. I can break down anything on I74-I80 that you might want. I am better than Garmin baby! IBiI

Gary Walter

Great food - there is an Amana place - Ox Yoke in - Exit 225. There is a Maid Rite there as well. See? Better than Garmin. IBiI

Gary Walter

If you want really good food - Ox Yoke Inn - Exit 225 - probably 25 miles from Iowa City. It is an Amana restraunt - you will see all the signs for the Amana Colonies. Terrrific food and lots of it.

There is a Maid Rite restraunt there too.

See? Better than Garmin! IBiI

The Speedgeek

I believe Gary means this place:

I can vouch. I hit that place up on my way home from Indy a few years ago. It looks like a dive, but the burgers are actually pretty freaking great. And cheap.

Along the "high-ish dollar steak" lines, for anybody who's going to be on the west side of Des Moines, or out toward Grinnell, I'd highly recommend Rube's Steak House ( ). I got taken to the one in Montour (18 miles north of Grinnell) for a work trip a few weeks back. Just. Awesome. Pick your steak and grill it yourself. You read that right, grill it yourself. I highly recommend the bacon wrapped ribeye. In fact, I'd happily stab somebody for one of those right about now.


I'm hungry.

Catie R

Ah, Rube's. *sighs* It's been awhile, but I remember its goodness!

As far as Iowa City goes, Coralville is much more accessible and just off I-80. Iowa City is noted for its lack of parking (even without students) so it could be an extra hassle. If you'll be all the way over there, the strip along Hwy 6 in Coralville is full of places to eat.



We are leaving home about 40 miles SE of indy @ 6pm Friday and that 1.5 hours is blessing @ 2 am. Then after that we don't want to split hotel nights.


Sorry, JP. I know about as much about Detroit as I do Iowa City. As Catie R said, there's the Coralville Mall right on the interstate with many associated places to eat.

Gary Walter

Speedgeek - yes that is the place! Terrific burgers and again there will be race teams there after the race.

JP - if you are looking for food from home, Iowa's only Steak-N-Shake is at the exit PD is talking about - Coralville Mall. But it is on the north side of I80 with the associated gas stations and strip mall - Kohl's, etc.



Technically, Coralville is where we will be, I just tend to clump DMA's.

Sounds like we'll be good to go.



Being a lifelong afficionado, it pains me to say that since the junk bond trader in Texas bought SNS it isn't quite the place it used to be. Fortunately if all else fails, proximity to wisc has endowed Iowa with plenty of Culvers.

The Speedgeek

Hey, like I always...ALWAYS...say, "when in doubt, go to Culver's and pick up a bushel of deep fried cheese curds".

Tom G.

While in Iowa, be sure to pick up a bottle of Iowa's finest Whiskey:

goes good with Bacon.

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