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July 14, 2010


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Leigh O'Gorman

I am waiting very, very eagerly to see what they come up with


I expect the hoopla of the announcement ceremony will be nothing compared to the firestorm of "I'll never watch Indycar again" complaints that explode across the internet horizon.

But I'm ready. Announce it, build it, test it, race it. Let's go.

Chris B

will be there in person!

Roy Hobbson

I'm expecting a "major" NASCAR announcement any second now. (Lousy, no-good thunder-stealers.)

The Speedgeek

Just posted this at Dylan's site, so my apologies for repeating myself...

I think they'll be announcing a specification for the car, plus a price ceiling that a chassis won't be allowed to go over, then they'll say that anybody who can build a car for that price will be welcome to come play. That'll probably mean that Swift and BAT, who don't have the manufacturing capacity of Dallara and Lola, will be out, but maybe Swift will be able to "dumb down" their design (i.e. take some of the funky edges and costly bits) to fit under the cap. I think this is the only smart way to go. We get competing chassis again, and the cars stay affordable for the teams. Win, win (uh, lose, I guess, if you want there to be a Swift or BAT "spec" car or a Delta Wing).

Again, just my last second guess here.

Savage Henry

I agree with The Speedgeek that they'll be announcing a specification for the car, rather than a specific manufacturer. However, they are going to have to show an image (or multiple images) of what a car built to that specification might look like. I think that it is going to look like a hybrid of the DeltaWing and a more traditional car. It will be a departure from what we've grown to understand what an Indycar is supposed to look like.

This of course is a swag, but I'm noticing that the marketing materials they've put out in advance of the announcement shows how the shape of the cars has changed through the years. When they put the picture of the new car next to the ones previous, they are going to want to make it look significantly different. I'd expect that the wings are going to come off, or at least be significantly downplayed in the design. Now we'll see what actually gets built, but in the artist's renderings, it will look radical.


I honestly don't think the public (95% of fans) cares if there is chassis competition or not. "Q: Why don't you watch IndyCar? A: No chassis competition." I don't see that being what keeps people away. Hard-cores want chassis competition. Random fans want close, unpredictable racing. If multi-chassis get us there, great. If we can get there with one chassis, great.

Mauri Rose

Looks like the committee punted.

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