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July 06, 2010


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The race is on Friday at 7:30 pm est according to the ESPN Danica ads, not Saturday.

The Speedgeek

"Due to the highly useful, organized and functional nature of"

Could you add the "Racing - humor" tag to this post, please? Anytime I find myself needing to go to for any piece of info, however simple, I have to steel myself for a half hour soul-taxing exercise in futility. Anybody who slams for disorganization and functionality needs to be assigned with finding out where Reed Sorenson's best Nationwide finish happened in 2007, with as their only available resource. Good eff-bombing luck.


Yes, Nationwide on Friday, SprintCup on Saturday nights.


Ha ha. I guess the site is easy to use, but I cannot read. Yes, the race is Friday night. I have corrected. Geek, I find NASCAR's site more useful than IndyCar for news, etc. The layout makes much better use of space than IndyCar's. I can't speak to scholarly research usability, though.

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