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July 15, 2010


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Fred Hurley

I actually think it'd make a fantastic replacement for the LMP Challenge class in ALMS. There's a roughly zero percent chance of this becoming a split.

Brett M. Waldrep

I am confused they said they are still looking how they can be used.

"We have initiated the process of reviewing options for DeltaWing which we will present to our investors, industrial partners and governmental advisors. We will announce our plans for the DeltaWing in the near future."

How is this "we are out"? Isn't this more of a we are going to explore whither or not making parts for the Dallara (or the DallaraWing if you prefer) will be something we would want to do. In other words isn't this just another statement that says nothing more then "To Be Continued"? This is even confirmed with their closing line.

"We will announce our plans for the DeltaWing in the near future."


This line seems to say we're done here: "However, we are extremely disappointed that they have decided to pursue a strategy that does not include the DeltaWing." I would say they are exploring non-Indy options.


I know its been said a million times but here it goes:

Maybe they can finally give Ace and Gary their car back!

Three words: Bonneville salt flats!


Three words: Bonneville salt flats!

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