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July 20, 2010


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FYI Greg Kinear is from Logansport, Indiana.


Indiana? He's from Indiana? What's he doing having a speaking roll in the Celebration of Canada Race then? Interloper!

Andy Bernstein

"Replay of IndyCar's holographic announcement featuring theoretical cars that may or may not be built before 2012, in some fashion."

Better than Foytian.



"the clowns are clearly going thru the motions now" made me laugh aloud.

Always liked young Skywalker but his badass driving skills and honest attitude moved him right up in Simona territory for me. Watch out for that dude in Edmonton.


I've really got to stop reading these at work, people wonder why they hear so much laughter coming from my cube.

I'm liking Justin Wilson a lot more as time goes on, too. He seems like a good guy and a clean racer.

Savage Henry

Jamie Little with her guns out? Hmmm, I've never seen her without the fire suit on...

(does a quick Google image search)

OMG! They need to do something to get her out of the fire suit, even if it's only before the race. Perhaps they could open with a Baywatch-style thing with her running down pit road in slow motion wearing an IICS tank top. Or maybe they could modify the fire suit to show off qualities. Who knew that the rating dimemma was so easily solveable?

I'd pay big money to see Jamie vs. Carmen the Izod Girl in a charity jello-wrestling match.

I've developed much greater respect for Jamie's pit reporting all of a sudden. Thanks Pressdog!

Savage Henry

Regarding the foot cam, it's not really that interesting now that they have the paddle shifters and they don't have to use heel-and-toe anymore. Its just push down right foot, push down left foot, push down right foot... I'm just not that impressed. They should probably think of something better if they want to show viewers what's going on in the cockpit.

Marty Jorgensen


i watched the race Monday night from my DVR, so your notes are right on time...

I can't believe how fast you must be able to type...

I watch this stuff happen and make much the same observations, but can only manage to reach for the tanqueray...

marty in des moines

Stephen Terrell

Two races in a row ABC has Vince Welch chatting in the pits as the cars come down for what should be built up as one of the most exciting moments in sport. ABC needs to FIRE the producer & director -- or get someone who knows SOMETHING about racing.


Foot cam was interesting. It was on for maybe 120 seconds. I think it was worth the two minutes it got. More interesting than some of the other stuff that got 5 and 10 or more minutes. I also like when they put a camera right in front of the steering wheel so you can watch the driver's hands and the paddle shifting. They do that sometimes in F1. Very cool. Of course you need to put that in Danica's car just to make everyone insane. Chortle.


Cameron is married...tied the knot with a fellow by the name of Ryan Sulte in February. Their wedding web site URL shows up on Google but has expired--a couple of months ago, though, it showed their picture, and it definitely was her!


Thanks for the entertaining summary, P-dog.

BTW, the Izod girl's name is Cameron (Haven). Feel free to Google her for more. Chatted w/her in Iowa. Very nice young lady. Says all the right things about her job and ICS.

Mike R

Ditto what Redd said, I damn near spewed beer on the laptop, but bravely held it down (nearly choking as I did) at that Clown moment of "clearly going through the motions now".

Also thanks for the link to Dale Nixon's twitter-spat recounting. THAT was good, and that's what this series needs in front of the viewers.


I'm going to vote this worst race evah! Partly because my man Wilson didn't get a win, but mostly because if they could have just kept Sato's crash a local yellow, we could have prevented about half of those full course yellows that followed. "Yellows breed yellows", as they say. They HAVE to know that. They REALLY need to do something about going full course so easily.
Glad I DVR'd it so I could fast forward through much of it. If I had to watch that live, I'd have turned it off.


"I like you as a friend, Dan. I'm not ready for that kind of relationship."

Holy funny on the proctologist remarks! I second what mike said about not reading these at work - could get me fired yet.

Wilson's a class act, through and through. Would have been nice to see things work out for him this time. Met him in Vegas a few years ago at the classic car place at the Forum Shops at Caesar's. He seemed surprised anyone recognized him off the track but was very personable!

Great job as always, pressdog!

The Speedgeek

For the record, other than the second consecutive green flag F-up (for which somebody really, really oughta get fired), I thought ABC did a better job this week. Marty seemed engaged. Scotty sounded like he'd "lightened up" with a Labbatt or two before the race. We got to see a lot of the actual action (though it seemed like there was so much going on that at least one camera per lap would have something graphic happening in front of it). Not a bad job by them. Too bad that we still have The Glen stinkbomb fresh in our heads to remind us until the start of next year what ABC is usually capable of.

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