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July 14, 2010


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I believe that this should be example A. for why motorsports lacks personality....


All of the views are very similar here - where are the dissenting views I saw on Twitter last night? Too much PR speak in these quotes I feel.

I'm not sure about this concept - I think that after a couple of years of optimising the package that everyone will end up with cars that look the same.


What, so now everyone is happy about the decision to make the old car into a Mr. Potatohead toy? Liars. Although it may be important from a business standpoint, I don't think putting 80 people to work in Indianapolis and building cheaper cars is what impresses people, especially for a sport whose hallmark has always been technological innovation. My other b_tch is that the thing hasn't even been built yet, and the artwork isn't all that impressive, either.


What impresses 97% of the fan base is close, unpredictable racing. If this all gets us there, great. If not, wasted effort. Personally, I don't see a bunch of different-looking cars as a huge draw to get people back to IndyCar. I may very well be wrong there. For me, it's the excitement of the race, which has less to do with what the cars look like than what they do on the track.

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