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July 28, 2010


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Do we have any idea who the RACING people involved with this effort are???


I don't really get why anyone would go to the expense of buying an "old" Dallara for 2011. Why not wait until the next year so you're not just buying an expensive flower pot?

Andy Bernstein

Redd, don't be silly. Davey Hamilton said the Dallaras will be really valuable as showcars in 2012.

Just ask the guy with the G Force showcar who is begging for $15K and some help pushing it out of his garage.


...'Chief Science Officer'


Some teams lease a chassis for the sole purpose of running the 500. IIRC, Penske has chassis available to lease for this purpose. Easier to get started with a known entity (Dallara/Honda) in 2011 than start from scratch in 2012.


Can you say bring on the toasters???


On the other hand, if you ever wanted to run the Indy 500 ultra cheap, 2011 may be the time to do it. Stands to reason that Dallara's are going to be DIRT CHEAP to buy or lease in the last year of their existence. Maybe Honda engines too sine it's the last year of the current desig (I think). As with EVERY announcement like this, optimism is fine, but I will believe it when I see the car running in practice.


"There’s a reason VPX sells Redline Xtreme to the world famous N.Y. Yankees –it delivers a university proven 7.5% increase in reaction time! Less than 1/10th of second can mean the difference between 1st and 2nd or even life and death in racing, says Owoc."

Another modern-day snake oil huckster, with the funny thing in this instance being his pride in his product INCREASING reaction time by 7.5%. LOL, I'm sure it was just the caffiene overdose that made him "misspeak"


Confession: I don't buy or consume "energy drinks" 'cause I think the claims are mainly vapor and many of them are LOADED with sugar. The 18-year-old daughter has a Venom now and then, I think manly because the Young Prince (Marco) is the spokesguy and she digs him. But, if an energy drink company wants to put a car on the grid, big hugs from the pdog. And alcohol definitely INCREASES my reaction time noticeably, for the record.


I somewhat enjoy energy drinks, the price is prohibitive of me consuming very many, which is probably a good thing. Personally I only drink Red bull, or the Monster/Starbucks coffee energy drink mix.

I'd love to see Red Bull Indycar Team

Brian McKay

(yawn) Redline should sponsor a proven athlete/driver to race for a proven team this season, rather than gambling on a non-existent team winning adequate publicity at one race next year.


If they make an Indy Lights driver take the jump, I'll be happy,


One word: Vaporware!


Monster Khaos rules. It actually works (Got up at 4pm Saturday, worked 3rd shift, drank booze and then this stuff as I sat through the Brickyard 400 Sunday, drank a little more Monster as I watched Edmonton when I got home, went to sleep around 5am). BAM.

Back on topic (somewhat), uh....remember THESE GUYS?!?!?

Exactly. Just another one-off that will never get off the ground.


Pressdog: "...alcohol definitely increases my reaction time noticeably..."

You and Dr. Johnny Fever apparently :)

watch from 19:15 to 21:35.

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