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August 31, 2010


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Roy Hobbson

Dude! You didn't even ask her about being at the Hague Convention or Ali/Foreman in Zaire?!?!? Questionable.

(Far from it. I'm joking. This is your coup de grace, Bill. More mountains left for you to climb, there are not.)


Nice work, p'dog. She's absolutely right about the photographers in victory lane. Those are a vicious group and will scream in unison at anyone that gets in the way of their shots. A scary group of people are they!

Chad Paff

Pressdog, you have really outdone yourself.

Even Cavin and Kevin haven't been able to talk to Cameron.

Way to go, my friend.

Next interview, I propose a sit-down with Tony George. If you can get the IZOD girl, why not?


Thanks. I was really super impressed with Cameron. Very, very articulate and at ease with a fun laugh. She certainly destroys the air-head model stereotype the second she starts talking. I enjoyed it a lot, appreciated her time and was jazzed to give fans a new perspective on the Trophy Girl. I'd LOVE to talk to Tony George but am not holding my breath.

Tom G.


Awesome interview! You did it. You spoke with the Enigmatic Izod girl. I agree with Hobbson, what could possibly top this? An interview with Greta Garbo? Howard Hughes? No, all the good enigmatic recluses are dead. There's only the Firehawk left now, and he wouldn't qualify as a woman of pressdog. An Avian of Pressdog perhaps, but what fun is that?

On another note, please pass along my apologies for asking to hold her leg for a picture. It was the mescaline talking, honest.


Thanks, Tom G. Maybe this can be the event that FINALLY gets you some help with the mescaline habit.


firesuit or tiny white shorts and cut-off shirt?

firesuit or tiny white shorts and cut-off shirt?

firesuit or...


(I think I just figured out how Versus could double their ratings.)

Travis R

Great interview, P-Dog!

Did you get any scoop as to why she went missing for a couple of weeks?

It sounds like we need to embrace this "who is the Firehawk?" thing - he's like the Stig of IndyCar. I bet it's either Michael Schumacher or Chuck Norris.


They didn't send her to a couple of races where she was MIA on camera (whoever "they" is that sends her places. I assume IZOD). I think the Firehawk is the Bruce Wayne of IndyCar. He has a double-secret true identity.

The Speedgeek

Wait, Cameron is...friends...with the Firehawk?!? My true love and my sworn enemy...friends?!? I am truly in a glass case of emotion.

Oh, and good interview, as per always, 'Dog.




Jim Bob


You should have asked her about the Delta Wing, if she thinks we need more horsepower for road/street courses and if she thinks Barnhart needs to be replaced by Tony Cotman.


I bet that although she is mistaken for Milka, she could probably drive faster than Milka

Mike R

So yeah, great, Cameron - intelligent, degreed, etc. Meanwhile, who's the other girl in the shoot? She (imho) is incredibly too smokin' hot (more than her counterpart Cameron), and needs to be at every IICS race shorts. Damn.


I gotta say, I'm impressed. Danica and IZOD girl in the same season. Does she know how distresed Hobbson was during her absence?


Great interview!!! Cameron rocks!

Angelica Emmanuel

I like how she described the freedom of anyone. She's definitely one of the ladies you can look up to. Anyway, I like her last photo here... When can I have a perfect wavy hair like hers? =(

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