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August 23, 2010


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Tom G.

Maybe Taku was auditioning for a NASCAR ride next year?


Sato dumped her.

Mike R

Mike King and Davey Hamilton stated openly before the race online that there was some personal "source" very close to Sato that King said he'd seen at a meal (not sure if it was that morning or what), and this source had (under condition of anonymity) said flatly that Sato intentionally went after Danica during practice. So apparently there's some bad-blood been-a-brewin' here. I doubt it will be acted on during any of the remaining races - I hope he's got more sense than that on an oval. Maybe cooler heads will prevail.


Sato dumped her... but he also admitted he was having issues.

He said it was silly & he also stated he was sorry for the contact. Hardly NASCAR... where they proudly stake claim for their on track thug tactics, eh?


Not to get the black helicopters airborne or anything, but if you know your car is mortally wounded and you're done for the day very soon, you no longer have to worry about "ruining your race" if you spear someone. You're race is ruined already. And Mike R is right, I went back and listened and at 45:45 Mike King did say he ate breakfast with a double secret "very legitimate source" close to Sato who said Sato deliberately speared Danica in practice as payback for something Danica said about Sato many races earlier.


I have a new found respect and will start the New Jersey branch of the Sato fan club!!!


"Mike King did say he ate breakfast with a double secret "very legitimate source" close to Sato who told him that Sato deliberately speared Danica in practice as payback for something Danica said about Sato many races earlier."

How seriously should this be taken? I don't know how to evaluate King's statement. I'm personally finding this a bit hard to believe: Regardless of who the target is, Sato is a guy who's not only lost his ride in F1, but DNF'd what, 5 races this year already? Because of that, I'm really having trouble believing he'd risk his current ride on fits of pique. Sure, some people may applaud and say "Yeah! Get Danica!", but seriously, is a driver going to actually risk his seat on a team to deliberately knock someone out whom he didn't like?

I can see him being pissed enough to maintain contact after it first occurred. But even that is nothing more than speculation. Ultimately, I'd want more than just an anonymous source's say so before buying into this story. Sure, it's possible. But some evidence above and beyond an anonymous source is needed. That's all I'm saying.


That's what's so tragic about the state of racing today. If Taku is bringing sponsorship dollars (don't know one way or t'other) the team may need him more then he needs them.

Hence his possible boldness in regards to breaking his car and settling alleged insults.

Concerned Fan

Was there smoke coming off Sato's front tire(s)? The video isn't utterly conclusive, I guess, but I didn't see any on the TV replay. I'm thinking Sato's excuse is a lie, and he speared her on purpose.


It's hard to believe Sato. MOST people if their cars are roached and they have a puncture they get WAY off it and just kind of coast as people overtake them while trying to nurse it back to the pit. If Danica was the reason his car was roached, then that's adds a nuance to the whole deal.

Jim Bob

Two low-talent midpackers, "fighting" for 10th place. That's all this is.

This is like trying to find controversy when Sam Hornish and Travis Kvapil run into one another in Cup.


Come on, Jim Bob. If you take the low-talent midpackers fighting for 10th away from us, then what do we have? NOTHING. Leave us with some scraps of excitement at least.

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