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August 30, 2010


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Your tweets were killing me Saturday, p-dog. Viewing totally enhanced!

Jeff Iannucci

I too will weep like a baby when the 2011 schedule is announced and Chicagoland is absent. I have a framed photo of the finish of the 2003 race on my wall and...excuse me, I need a moment to compose myself.

(insert a slight sniffle and the shedding of a manly tear, followed by the pounding of my chest with my fist)

Kudos to Sarah and Ed, because I'm going to screen cap their scene from Saturday featuring the graphic "Battle for 2nd" and make it my desktop photo. At the time I was disoriented and checking the window for a plague of locusts.

Also, congratulations to Dental Plan Dan and Marco, both of whom raced fantastically. I swear Marco was 2nd behind every single leader, frantically jamming his thumb on the "Push-To-Pull-Beside" button. It's a shame that all those two got for there efforts were, well, are those things they're holding - "certificates of participation?"

Brett Smithson

Jack had another classic "oops!" moment during one of his annoying pit reports, referring to a driver as "Always a bride, never a bridesmaid." (Doh!) Uh, I think it's supposed to be the other way around, Jack, unless this was a secret hint about a rumoured Vegas finale next year. Then it would at least make a modicum of sense, I suppose.


Perfect weather, big field, exciting race... lousy crowd, dead event. It's a strange world.

I attended the '08 and '09 Joliet races, skipped last year but was there this weekend; and dragged three guests (fam. members) to each of these events.

Another toast to Wheldon and Andretti, both very racy. And Fisher. And Carpenter. And HCN, who got back into it after his terrible early stop.

Roy Hobbson

So long, Chicagoland. You were a spirited warrior & you died doing what you loved: ROCKING THE FUCKING HOUSE. You will be missed.

(And a round of applause to you, Bill. You worked your ass off this weekend. I haven't enough Whatever Brazilian Tropical Lagers to give you. Well done, friend.)

The American Mutt

Let me start this by saying I love Chicago and Sarah Fisher, but I don't share the love when it comes to saturdays race. Up front it was largely a two file parade, the guy on the outside couldn't get around whoever held the low line, and the evidence to this (sorry P Dog) was clearest when Sarah held onto second. Briscoe opened up a huge lead while the rest of the field got bunched up by Sarah. Within two laps of finally getting around her they'd caught back up to Briscoe and couldn't get around him. IMO this was not a spectacular chicago race by any means. Two wide is awesome and fun, but if no ones actually getting a pass done up front it's still a parade. Furthermore, if we're going to black flag Helio for running a defensive line, then Dario should've been black flagged for taking up two lanes for 20 laps. Go back and watch it and tell me his car wasn't positioned in a "Defensive" (some might say blocktacular) line the entire end of the race. I too will be sad if this race is absent from the schedule but didn't find the top ten particularly exciting for most of the race, and after about twenty laps they ended up spread out just as much as any road course, with a pit win by a red car.

Sorry, I simply don't agree with anybodies assessment of this as an thrilling race. There's always action in the back of the pack, and while we had a lot of different "leaders" at what point was Briscoe not completely in control of this race not based on pit strategy?


Mutt, if I were you, I'd show IndyCar by never watching another race ever! You never seem to have anything positive to say, so maybe it's time to move on? I thought you were OUT after the Edmonton restart.


Screw manly tears. I will be bawling openly with snot pouring down my face, like a tiny little girl whose brother broke the head off her Barbie and melted it in the microwave, if the IICS doesn't return to Chicagoland. That was my first time there, and I loved it. But I certainly understand. In perusing Chicagoland's schedule for this year, one can clearly see they were booked pretty solid. There's nary a free weekend to be had. If you add another NASCAR race into the mix next year, that would bring the number of weekends booked for racing there in 2011 to... let me just do the math here... carry the 1... And the answer is: 2.

Robert Simpson

pdog, it's Carey Hall, not Corey Hall.


Robert: I booted it. Thanks. I changed it to Carey.

Tom G.

Certificates of Appreciation? Pffft!!!! what sort of feeder series do you think we are running here.

No, those are Coupons good for $5 off their next purchase of Peak Anti-freeze.

Because when you peak, you win!

The American Mutt

Marco ran magnificently, it was great to see Sarah get air time (even if I'm not as impressed by her run as you are), it was great to see briscoe not being the Penske fifth wheel on the track, Power proved in my mind that he can run up front on ovals, and win (even if he didn't). Glad to see a Panther car up front (even if I didn't particularly like the way in which Wheldon handled the lead...swinging up way too much to throw off the momentum of power and marco?, he could very easily have put all three of them in the wall)

Sorry I don't particularly share your opinion, and generally post more negative than positive, but the positives are frequently covered by everyone else (unless of course the track has right turns in it). Merely saying that as far as chicago racing usually goes I found it dissappointing with the same kind of ending that most people complain about on a road course.

This also doesn't address the question of Dario running in two different lines. No one was going to get up next to him, and as such we, the fans, were denied a spectacular Chicago ending.

I haven't given up because, even if I hate the rule, I understand now that it wasn't a bullshit call according to how the rule is written.

Jim Bob

That was a parade? Really?

Some of you don't understand racing, do you? Or are some of you so jaded by your road racing bias, that you are afraid to admit that oval racing generally kicks road racing's wimpy ass? The CrackForum brigade of pansies, who think the only proper oval races are on flat tracks (with lots of horsepower and on tracks that used to host CART races), are clueless. If you weren't interested by Saturday's race, then you need to go watch F1 or Star Mazda or go find a SCCA race somewhere.

Robin Miller is a fairly smart guy. But he calls places like Texas, Kentucky and Chicago "NASCAR Tracks". Really? They are RACE TRACKS built for high speed RACE CARS. The IRL has put on damn good racing at real RACE TRACKS in its history. Where don't they put on good races? At places like Barber, Belle Isle, Snorenoma, Long Beach and Mid Ohio that aren't RACE TRACKS that can accomodate real RACE CARS.

Oval racing is where its at. I'd take that "procession" over the numerous "events" we have been subjected to at motorcycle tracks and manhole jumping street festivals in this sport.

If the road racing bred drivers don't like it, then stay in Europe. Oval racing is inheritently dangerous; especially in open wheel cars. Its what seperates the men from the boys. Its what draws folks to the track and to the TV sets. Its part of what helped make the Indy 500 so big.

It was cool to see 2 actual American oval track drivers (Fisher and Carpenter) up front on Saturday. A nice changeup to see those vastly inferior (according to many of the asshats at TF) drivers from a vastly inferior racing genre of American oval racing (same asshats).

But you continue to take more and more of these real RACE TRACKS away from Indy Cars, and there won't be a place for the Fisher's and Carpenter's of the world in the future (except maybe at Indy). And that's bad, no matter how you spin it.

Jim Bob

And one other thing...

Considering how lame Marco Andretti has run in the past few years in this sport (especially considering the budget his team has), I don't think the comment from his team about "believe it or not, Sarah Fisher is leading", makes a whole lot of sense.

(In my best Bill Tobin)...Really, who the hell is Marco Andretti? He's just a midpack talent running for his daddy's team, with exactly one more Indy Car win on his resume then Sarah.


I've been impressed with the Young Prince (Marco) this year. He's maturing for sure. He comes through the bullpen (Dario, not so much), understands he needs to work it for the sponsors, doesn't get snotty or scream unintelligibly on his radio any more. Sat down with me in a coffee shop in Des Moines, Iowa and was very pleasant. Really showing some personal growth, IMO. I was happy to finance my oldest daughter's Marco jersey buy at Iowa.


Actually, Jim Bob, it's YOU who doesn't understand racing. "It's what draws the folks from the track and to the tv sets?" If that was the case, why was the attendance at Chicagoland this weekend LOWER than that of Barber, Mid-Ohio and Infinieon, hmmm? Answer that, Einstein. You won't, because you can't. You clearly are biased toward ovals, and that's fine. Narrow-minded, ignorant, holier-than-thou, but that's fine. You want to watch what you want, go watch NASCAR, where people of your intellectual level are welcome. Just for the record, bolding words doesn't make you sound intelligent, it just displays your intellecutal inability to articulate properly.

Now that I've put you in your place, I can now move on. I did find the race exciting, however, I also agree with The American Mutt that it wasn't in many ways much different than seeing some road/street courses which the simple-minded such as Jim Bob decry as boring. Then again, maybe it's boring to you, Jim Bob, because on street/road courses you actually have to have a brain and the capacity to think intelligently, clearly not strengths of yours, are they?


We're NOT going to start a big ovals vs. twisties flame war here. Take the personal crap to Track Forum or anywhere else, OK? Plenty of room for you to roll around over there. Everyone seems to have had their shot, so everybody needs to calm down or we're done here. Attack the argument, not the person.

The American Mutt

Sorry P Dog, was totally not trying to start a flame war, just lodging some IMO legitimate complaints. I felt it very processional, but as stated previously will miss it from the schedule, and as with last year, will miss it as the finale. That being said, with the exception of Briscoe around Fisher I don't recall a single on track pass for the lead that stuck.

Further clarification, I'm neither an oval lover, nor am I a road course lover (though lately I've grown to prefer them as it's more likely to see a big two beat down). I'm an open wheel lover who's gets just as excited by watching pack racing as watching somebody tail gate a car at 180 into a braking zone. Furthermore, I'll concur with anybody who says we need to ditch motorcycle tracks, crowd or no crowd it's not an enjoyable event to see on tv, and will never draw ad revenue.

Regarding the lack of positivity: (a brief story) I went to my first 500 at the age of 12 (a week away from 13), it was 92, an instant fan was born that day, despite the frigid temperatures, who needs a coat in may in Indy for fucks sake. *side note, back then my second favorite event of the year was Cleveland* I regretably had to give up on the sport from 97 through 02 because both sides disgusted me, and my favorite drivers weren't at my favorite track (I promise this is going somewhere). After going to pole day in 02 I was hooked all over again, but since then I've heard nothing but complaint after complaint about how wrong the series is going, and it's wearing on me. I just don't understand why people still wage this war, and both sides are equally guilty of it.

I was merely trying to point out that the flaw is, perhaps, not the venue the cars are racing at as evidenced by less than spectacular racing. It shouldn't be a road, street, or oval complaint. It's the car, and 2011 can't come quick enough for this fan.

Sorry I rambled on.

Mike R about those 49er's going 3 and 0 thus far in pre-season?


Great write-up! Sounds like it would have been a lot of fun to sit where you were.

RHR was just scary to watch for the last 10 or so laps. Great show, though.


P-Dog, you left out the highlight of the race when the entire lead pack had Milka surrounded and she was shaking her ass end like Charo. I thought the guys in the booth were going to wet themselves on that one...


pdog, great to hear more about Ed and Sarah, as I've always rooted for the underdog myself. Makes it tons more interesting than what we typically see!


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