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August 31, 2010


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Brian McKay

Good news!


YES! This makes waiting MONTHS for the return of oval racing all the sweeter. My two favorite drivers together again.

Chad Paff

SFR's team will probably personally drive Graham to Kentucky.

First reason, is they all like Graham.

Second reason (and the most important), is that they don't have to work with that d-bag Jay Howard anymore.

I'd look for the #66 car to have a much better run then we've seen in 2010. Which isn't saying all that much.

And once again, Sarah is no dummy. She desperately wants to keep Service Central for 2011. This is a smart way to try and do that.

Jim Bob

How can someone at just 29 years of age, be so much more savvy and intelligent then a bunch of guys twice her age?

This woman has been a car owner for 3 years. And she already runs her team and understands the sport a hell of a lot better then most.

The sport needs more Sarah Fisher's. Just another dumb roundy-round dirt tracker from the midwest.


We Buckeyes gotta stick together-this is awesome! Go Sarah and Graham!!!

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