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August 18, 2010


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The Speedgeek

I think it'll at least be interesting to see a reduced emphasis on pit stops during each race, and if they invert the top-10 or something for the second race, then it'll be fun to watch some guys try to come up through the field who usually don't have to do that on the mile and a halfs.


Overhype is better than no hype.

It's okay to try and make the Texas race a little different, I guess. And you know Gossage will market the hell out of it. The devil is in the details, as suggested by you and Geek.

But if they're really two separate races, then each race should be for real points.

Andy Bernstein

Some cosmetic surgery required:


The danger with over hyping is kind of like crying wolf, if everything is "HUGE HUGE HUGE" but it's really not not not, eventually nobody pays attention to you. I passed on investing my time to watch this ENORMOUS announcement live because I was burned by the chassis deal.


I don't have a problem with the concept, though I agree about the overhype (and if I was Long Beach or -- well, pretty much any other event on the schedule -- I'd have a problem with TMS's "the ICS's two marquee events" comment).

I was just thinking it'd be interesting to see a day/night race, maybe with an FIL race in between. Then I decided to click the Bleacherreport link above, and... so yeah. What he said.

Tom G.

Will they still pass out Six Shooters to the winners? What if there's an altercation, or a late race black flag for blocking? With all of the out of control emotion of the last few races, is giving deadly weapons to the 2 winners really a good idea?

More importantly, what kind of firepower will "Sheriff" Charles get to "keep the peace". Will those two "guns" hanging from his shoulders be enough to dissuade one of those wild, and reckless "Penske Boy's" from shooting up the place?

Tune in next year for the thrilling conclusion to the "Shootout at the TMS Corral".

Steve K

Could you be anymore negative? Go stare at Erin "homewrecker" Crocker sine more. I garuntee you will find out the logistics of the twins before the races are run. Calm down Mr Depresseddog.


You're right, Steve K. I should be more positive or I'll end up calling people names.

Andy Bernstein

That thar is some fine schwerve, PD.

Don't blink ;}


Don't really care for splitting the points up as if it's only race. The split distance isn't too much shorter than what's run on the short oval(s), and it's longer than a few of the road and street races.

The old USAC points system would serve this event well, greater race distance = more points. It would, though, greatly inflate the points value of the 500 and drastically reduce the worth of the road and street races.


It's an interesting idea (positive), just not worth the huge hype it was given (negative).


The idea's interesting, but I'd rather see NASCAR use it. There's been no call for shorter Indycar races, especially on ovals, while in NASCAR, most people do want shorter races.

The real problem is if they count this as "two separate races" then they're tryint to artifically pad the ovals, and it seems likely that Indycar's having oval issues.


Why would IndyCar give this idea to NASCAR Dylan! 2 boring races in NASCAR in the same day would be torture! This is about IndyCar creating excitement and marketing itself..dont use the N-word on this thread Dr. Dylan Schlessinger!

John S

Handing out 3 shooters to each winner.....

Roy Hobbson

"Handing out 3 shooters to each winner" -John

Pay the man, Bill. Give him $20 for Comment of the Month. (Except instead of $20, give him a $10 bill. Twice.)

Ervin Irnie

Does this also mean they will be considering 2 hot laps + pit stop + 2 hot laps for qualifying? If memory serves these Texas changes don't always work out too well ...

Andy Bernstein

I'd love to continue commenting, but it would cement my reputation as a half-wit.

Jim Bob

If the driver lineup doesn't change, it won't matter what they do.

Bernard and France came off looking like tools, BTW. Bernard might be a swell guy, but he seems to be a dork.

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