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August 15, 2010


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Mike R

Kinda weird that Saldana, Kinser, Schatz, and others blew engines. Saldana and Kinser had both said on WindTunnel that they weren't building 'special' motors for the Nationals, insisting that the best way to approach it was to treat it like any other race. It's pretty unusual for these motors to not survive a feature. And tires going down too! Sammy's lost nothing from what I can see...seems like he's as strong as ever at any race he runs. Congrats to Shaffer on the win.

GREAT report, pressdog. Thank you.

Jim Bob

23,500 in attendance?

Sounds like a typical attendance for Indy Lights, Star Mazda and F2000.


That's sarcasm, right Jim Bob? I don't know about Star Mazda and F2000, but if Indy Lights attacks 23,500 paid spectators in a whole year (aside from the Freedom 100) I'd be kind of surprised. Knoxville only holds about 25,000 people, so they'll take it.

Travis R

Thanks for the Knoxville Nationals coverage, P-Dog! I missed most of it since I just got back from Africa. I have had the pleasure of attending the Nationals just once (2008), but I will be back again - it is an awesome event, and one every race fan should take in at least once.

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Thanks for that good coverage, I wanted to see the races but it didn't work out so I was looking for information online and came across your post. I hope next time Greg Nikitenko will take it all.

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