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September 27, 2010


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Andy Bernstein

Thanks Bill for getting this sorted out. It is puzzling why no statements were issued to clear the air before now.


I think this (coupled with HVM's awful cars on ovals) suggests to Simona that in 2011, she NEEDS to come back with a differant team. KV, Panther, DDR, Newman Haas, even Coyne is a better team!



"and we will be releasing exciting news of a new partner soon."

If that means a new car/equipment then BETTER.

Mike Silver

This news made my day. I hope there are better days ahead for Simona.


Thanks Baghdad Bob, I mean Pressdog.

Mike R

HVM's cars aren't awful. Their funding was. They have arguably the best engineer in the IICS in Mike Cannon. With a reasonable degree of funding, they'd fare far better. Regarding oval performance, it has to be acknowledged that Simona had NO prior oval experience. That shouldn't be disregarded when assessing the performance of the team.

Simona rocks. If Keith (or anyone) is bringing a sponsor who can honestly float the team, I don't think she needs to go anywhere else.

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