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September 29, 2010


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I'm digging the AJ/Mario trophies more now.

That trophy could've been better....shinier, perhaps? Solid silver? Gold?

Not "bad", but....

Jeremy from Harrisburg

Wow. I have a graphic design degree and twenty years in the picture framing business. I think that trophy is terrible. It looks like a misguided High School sculpture project. It may be what the client wanted, but the client forgot to keep the the real target of the project, the fans, in mind. Plus, I'm not real sure what is going on in the lower abdominal area of the figure.

In short, Trophy Fail.


What trophy...??? ;)


Exactly, DougC. In fact, IZOD has it in their contract that the trophy can only be presented by the bikini-clad trophy girl in order to divert virtually all attention from Wheelie Man.

Sue B

Apparently the trophy model was John Menard.

Roy Hobbson

I didn't "interview" the Trophy demon! He spoke directly through me, much like "The Keymaster" spoke through Rick Moranis in "Ghostbusters."

Jim Bob

Looks like something a high school kid made in shop class.

Very minor league looking trophy. For a series, that is desperately trying to shed its "minor league" status, this is a huge swing-and-miss.

The only thing "wrong" with the old trophy, was it had the words Indy Racing League on it. Of course, we can't have anything associated with that term or era, can we? So this is what you get, when you try to dis-associate yourself from that.

Cameron's Cams look rockin' though. THAT is a trophy.


A new trophy is almost always a no win situation. People still make fun of the Oscar trophy. Snark on Pagoda and my site aside, they missed a chance to involve the fans and ask for submissions. If the fans can be trusted to mock up aero packages...or they could have taken submissions from art schools around the country. Either way reached out to fans or potential fans. Either would have better PR than settling for something they saw energing from a creek at Barber motorsports park.


As I said, I won't miss the old trophy. Oversize bowl on a pedestal. Designed by committee, certainly, and very unimpressive.

Travis R

After about 45 minutes of staring at the picture, I realized there is a trophy there.

After another 10 minutes or so, I realized I like the new trophy. It's different.

Then, I unleashed my (not so) inner Beavis and Butthead and went back to staring at the cleavage.

H.B. Donnelly

Whatever happened to the freakin' Vanderbilt Cup? Yes, I understand that the history behind the revival of that cup is rooted in The Split, but it's a damn fine trophy. At least it has, y'know, a CAR on it...suppose it's too much to ask that something having to do with auto racing is on a racing series' championship trophy.


Should have reached back to the past and esurrected an old American championship racing award.

Like CART did with the Vanderbilt Cup, but pick a different old trophy.


ummm sooo we are giving a medival figure on a "unicycle"- aka wheel.. remind me again this is IZOD INDY CAR not irreverent
icky car.... I am not a artist but dontcha think could been a wee bit more gender neutral and for petes sake something you would wanna see on your fireplace mantel? good heavens..I can see the other racing groups laughing uncontrollably.. thats a WHAT????

Chris Lukens

Yes, it took several minutes to realize that there were two other guys in the picture, and then another few seconds to see the trophy.
I’m not sure I like it. It reminds me of some well endowed space alien riding a Segway.
Incidentally, the guy who owns the Segway company just drove off a cliff. I hope the parallels end there.


I'd take a Cup/Bowl over that....

Mike Silver

What trophy? I see two of them.

Andy Bernstein

"...compelling aesthetic and thought-provoking vision..."

That's a good description of feelings evoked by a visit to the Speedway Museum. I don't remember seeing any jury-rigged discards on display.


It's the Delta Wing of trophies.

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