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September 08, 2010


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Brian McKay

Wonderful article.
Thanks, Pressdog.


AWESOME as usual Bill.... sigh... makes me wanna move to Indy to work there somehow..LOL perfect company to work for.. the underdogs! Shes gonna win sooner than later.. her time is coming!


Nice article, and it confirms everything everyone has known about SF for the past decade. But, the simple fact of the matter is that without posting better finishes SFR will not gain sponsors and runs the risk of loosing the sponsors it currently has. For example, if you were Dollar General why would you continue to sponsor SFR when you could possibly sponsor Ed Carpenter in a second Panther car next year for all the US oval races? Unfortunately, and frustratingly for all their fans (including me), SFR has shown itself to be incapable of setting up their car(s) to be competitive. C'mon, the current chassis has been around for several years and just about every other team has the settings down pat for each track the IRL visits. SF needs to take a hard look at SFR and make some changes. Hopefully those won't step on the toes of friends or family, but if so, that's business. Sorry for the tough love, but this is no laughing matter.

Titus Pullo

I wish Sweet Little Sarah well but she better make sure she moves aside properly every time a Penske car laps her.

Trick Dickle

Only 2 haters so far? I was thinking we'd get the Dale Manus's of Trackforum to show up and spew their garbage.

Dollar General sponsors Sarah/SFR for a hell of a lot more reasons then where she finishes on race day. NOBODY is watching these races anyway. Does it really matter in 16 of the 17 races, where you finish?

Why do they sponsor Sarah? Read the article and you'll know why. She is trying to GROW this relationship with DG and her other partners, to help GROW her team.

Why does Go Daddy sponsor Danica? For all the race wins and top 5 finishes?

Why does ABC Supply sponsor Foyt Racing? How many races have they won, since they have been a sponsor for them?

How you do on the track, is a small % of why sponsors get involved with race teams. Maybe that is a bad thing, but its the truth.

Why aren't they faster at some places? $$$$ The same reason why HVM isn't faster or Coyne isn't faster or Conquest isn't faster. The big boy teams with the wind tunnel time and aero bits and new cars, will kick the hell out of the little guys 99 times out of 100 in the current IRL.

People do not really matter in current Indy Car racing. SFR has good people. They have had experienced engineers. But new equipment matters. Testing matters. Spare parts matter. Having a good teammate matters. SFR hasn't had any of these things. And until they do, they won't move up the ladder. They know that and are trying to build their team accordingly and smartly.


Thanks very, very much for this article!


Hey Trickle Dick, take some antibiotics for your seepage. You'll feel better and maybe be able to read accurately what others have written. No hate in my post. I made it clear that I'm a fan of SF, but am frustrated by their lack of success, which in turn places them in some jeopardy. Yes, sponsors fund teams for several reasons - advertising, wealthy owners who like being a part of racing, tax write-off (for the advertising), etc. But you are fooling yourself if you think that sponsors don't evaluate at season's end what their sponsorship has gotten them. Hopefully Dollar General will stay with SFR, and even provide them with more resources to finish higher (which would be good for both SFR and Dollar General). But to cement this SFR has to do better. As far as SFR having good people, I'm sure they do. I'm sure that they are each the nicest and finest people you would ever want to meet. Too bad that apparently none of them knows how to set up a competitive race car with the very same components that are supplied/sold to all teams.

Jack The Root


So you think the veteran crew that SFR has assembled (which consistantly give her great pit stops) and the O'Gara's suddenly forgot or don't know how to set up a car they have had for 7 years on tracks they have all been to many times before?

Its about $$$$$, son. When SFR gets more of that, they will do better on the track. Simple as that.

Brian Moore

Very nice article Pressdog

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