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October 11, 2010


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The WWF on wheels has added a new Heroine/Villainess to their cast of characters!

As you so wisely point out, P'Dog, good on them!

As for the actual racing she will learn when to hit back, and I don't think this is the time, not with that big yellow rookie stripe on her bumper.

Andy Bernstein

PD, shame you're lagging by a week. You could have been a Fontanica. Or a Dan Tana?

This week they run the new cars, so another element adds to the fun. Advance notice for Beer of the Race would be appreciated!

DanicaFans (GoDanica7)

Hey, PD. You might want to make sure you're watching FRIDAY night instead of Saturday.


Friday?? That's not convenient for me. Can we switch it to Saturday? No? OK THEN, I guess, but I'll have to DVR it because it'll get beaten out for my live attention by a high school football homecoming game.


Nascar markets their personalities (drivers) and their personalities (drivers) market the sponsors. Indycar needs to step all that up.

"The Wal-Mart Valvoline Diet Coke Chevrolet was a rocket ship tonight, Jamie, and I couldn't have dunnit without Old Spice, Old Grandad, Old Navy and Old Bay Seasonings and with the help of the good folks at Goodyear tires I'm gonna take this old number 97 out next week at Bristol and put both the Busch brothers asses into the Safer Barrier walls, you just watch and see if I don't."


After a few seasons in NASCAR maybe we should bring back Robby Gordon and Bubbacito to OWR.

I can remember when Robby, Little Al, and Mikey regularly left donuts on each other's sidepods. With a little PT thrown in for good measure. Aaaaah, dem waz da daze!


I too have been a closet Nationwide viewer but it has nothing to do with Whaaanica. Several years back I realized how much hungrier most of the drivers in Busch/Nationwide were, hence competitive. I am not always such a fan of the cup crowd being allowed to also mix it up, however it may ultimately make for even more exciting racing. A case in point would be Kyle the shrub Busch. Speaking of haters, the tin top establishment (sh-tkickers) have been holding a grudge against the younger Busch for years, despite the fact that he has been driving the wheels off of and winning (consistantly) in three of the NAPCAR series. Kyle is a driver in the style of many past NASCAR champions, however he is not a member of the butt smooching word mumbling boys club, nor is he the Intimidator (although he drives like DE Sr.), but is constantly criticized for being too aggressive. The truth is, NASCAR could use every Shrub they can get their hands on, he is one of the best things that has come along for that sport in years. I believe that Danica is something of a curiosity at this point but that it is doubtful that she will remain of any great interest as I do not think that she has the talent to compete in NASCAR. The only shot that she has at remaing in the series for any period of time, is if she can take a lesson from junior and assume the underdog mantle you mentioned in your blog.... Now, all she needs is a famous former top flight racing dad.

Andy Bernstein

Danica spent the day at Charlotte talking smack. This is gonna be good.


Danica knows how to work it for max media attention. Got my DVR cued to capture the mayhem Friday.

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