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October 09, 2010


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Leigh O'Gorman

This is exactly why this series struggles for an audience outside the US. Moves like that make the drivers look like amateurs.


Definitely intentional...unfortunately, NASCAR thinks this is ok. At some point the owners will get tired of paying for the crash damage or worst case someone will be seriously hurt.

I think the #11 knew he didn't have the car to get the position cleanly as she had driven past him all day and he was annoyed that she squeezed him into the wall on the previous lap. He easily could have avoided the contact. The ironic thing is the crash took out his teammate as well who was already in a back-up car.

At this point Danica won't make a big deal out of this but she will remember. I would expect once she gains more comfort level in the series an action such as this would leave to a much more Danica like reaction. :)


The kid who took her out (and it was a definite take out) is a 20 year old nobody. And along with taking out Princess of NASCRAP, the wreck he caused took out his team mate Ricky Carmichael, a class act and the winningest MX and SX motorcycle rider of all time, now turned auto racer. Yeah, I don't think that punk will be around for long. He has no idea what hornet's nest he just hit. In this case, the more DP stays silent about this incident the better for her.

Tad Bodeen

"The kid who took her out (and it was a definite take out) is a 20 year old nobody."

You might want to do a check on this "nobody" and his results in stock cars and other professional racing series and compare them to Princess's results and get back to us.

Danicker hit him once on the previous lap (which she admitted) and then was in the process of squeezing him against the wall in turn 2 (as she eeeeased up the track right in front of him). One is a accident (sometimes). The second one is not. She has to learn, that you do that stuff too many times to the same driver, and you will end up in the garage with a wrecked race car.

This isn't formula car racing she is in now. You can play those horseshit games (which she is very good at) with those drivers, because they can't retaliate (for fear of ending up in a hospital themselves). She might have learned a lesson today. Race em' clean (especially when you aren't respected in NASCAR to begin with) or be prepared to say howdy to the SAFER. Just the way it is in NASCAR (whether you like that or not).

Tad Bodeen

"This is exactly why this series struggles for an audience outside the US."

NASCAR doesn't give 2 rips about how they are "perceived" outside the United States.

And I don't remember NASCAR "struggling" too much for an audience at Mexico City or Montreal in the past few years. A lot of series would give their left arm to get those type of crowds (who were probably all there for the actual RACE too).

Andy Bernstein

Tough way for everybody's day to end, particularly that close to the front.

Thanks for the clip, Patrick was 13th and 9 seconds behind the leader (lead lap) with about 30 to go when I tuned out. Progress.

Wayne McIntosh

When a driver purposely causes an accident that kills or injures another driver or spectators the track, driver, and NASCAR will be in criminal court. Following that there will be a monster lawsuit and the end of NASCAR.


Sorry but that 20-year old kid already has a history this year...he tore up a bunch of equipment and annoyed so many other drivers earlier in the year when he was in the #1, he and his owner decided he should go concentrate on his truck program. Now the owner of his truck has purchased a Nationwide team and he has made his way back to the series. He has some ability but this was a bush league move on his part.

The squeezing of a driver up on the high line is part of this type of racing every week (she did make contact the previous lap but this lap he had plenty of room)...if every time someone did this it resulted in somebody being turned in retaliation there wouldn't be any cars left on the track.

Totus Pullo

Of course outside of the US of A, Formula 1 is the most popular series and they have drivers like Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher who deliberately crash out competitors. So they ain't much different from Nascar.

Don't get mad,Danica. Get even. Weknow you have the cohones toteach thispunk a lesson.


She started it, he ended it.

Shawn Kendall I Am IndyCar

Formula 1 racing... What world are you people in... Just as bad as Nascar calling her "Their Own" She is an IndyCar driver folks!!!

He most definitely took Danica out and if they wanna cry about how much "Room" their given to race then maybe they should be in the back. That's usually a spotter issue anyway.

Letting your point be known is one thing but intentionally wrecking other cars to "prove a point" Is just damn retarded. Take those fenders off the cars and see how much you like it!


There's an old joke about why dogs lick themselves...because they can. Why do NASCAR drivers wreck each other? Because they can, with relative safety and impunity.

If the IRL drivers had the same safety and opportunities, they'd be doing the same thing. There isn't a lot of love lost between competitors in any series, and when one does another wrong, real or imagined, the urge to get even is sooo easy in NASCAR, nearly impossible in IRL.

Nike Jordan

I'm not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a PART of hell will break loose... it'll be much harder to detect.

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