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October 04, 2010


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What's this about the Pagoda shutting down? That's crap.


you left out my FAVORITE one. "I have Sarah Sorenstam Fever". that is the piece that made me a fan of Pressdog. as a huge fan of golf and racing its always gets me when i read it. i sure hope that Miami was not her last race as a driver, as i feel that she should have a proper retirement oval tour. but i guess we don't always get what we want in racing. much love to SFR, sarah fisher and Pdog!! out.


OMG. That is old school. So old I'd forgotten about it. So old it's on the ancestral site that still exists in the back allies of the Internet, like a decaying Mayan ruin. From 5/23/03, View it HERE:


Zachary: I am not sure the Pagoda is shutting down. May have been Roy going off on another drunken tangent. Wild conjecture as far as I can tell so far.


@PD: I sure hope so. We've had scares before, if I recall..


I'm in love. Would be more so if it were an Avs jersey....

Dale Manus

Happy Birthday Sarah.

Your friend, Dale Manus


IndyCar published a video of bloopers. And how does this reel finish? With no other than Sarah.

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