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October 05, 2010


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Christopher Leone

Never going to 7-Eleven again. I'm in college right now, and there's one right down the street from me, that I used to go into every day (despite being the worst deal in town) solely because of the TK sponsorship. Now, this, combined with them calling the fuzz on our band practice next Wednesday, ensures that even if they DO return to Kanaan, I'm done with that brand.

As for Rahal, I feel like the brand pursued that deal. Remember that Service Central did follow Rahal to Newman/Haas for a race this year, even before he drove a Service Central car for Fisher. They've clearly had their eye on him. Too bad for Sarah, but I can see Dollar General kicking up to full-time sponsorship for the right driver anyway. Hildebrand?


And, Patrick certainly finished off the season on a high note with a strong and feisty 2nd place finish at Homestead. That will reassure her sponsors that they made a good choice for the future in the attractive enough, feisty and sassy, frisky kitten-like Danistar. This may make her focus a bit more on Indycar and scale back a bit the NASCRAP thang, but who knows. On a good day she does seem to know how to drive an Indycar around in circles.

I think Service Central sees Rahal as a talented driver and a marketable up and comer. Their experience with the poor finishes of Jay Howard/SFR this season may have influenced their decision.

Kanaan seemed to have lost a bit of focus this year. I hope he can get it back, and gain new sponsorship, as he has been one of the more likeable personalities in Indycar for a long time.

I'd like to see SFR focus just on all the ovals in 2011 and use all their sponsor resources to fund an improved team with SF as the sole driver. I think they got distracted this season trying to do a limited run of ovals and road courses, sometimes with an additional car. Doing a full schedule of ovals and roads is something SF should wait to do down the road once she has retired as a driver and can put all her attention to being a team owner. Alternatively, SF could use the off season to focus on road racing - go to as many schools and track days as possible, get a Formula Mazda car and log a thousand laps at Putnam Park, etc. Lots of road racing talent in Indy to coach her.

Whither Dan Wheldon and all the others in 2011? Let the desperate silly season begin. Top-ten drivers worried about rides for next year. Crazy.


From a friend who has attended a few Indy 500s, TK is probably fan favorite #2 after Danica amongst the crowd there (the biggest cheer at this year's race was when Tony led towards the end). I thought American fans couldn't root for foreigners with funny names and weird accents.

Sucks to be Tony, but now's the time for him to reap any sponsor goodwill that he gained while he was racing with the benefits of the 7-11 check...sure hope he wasn't lazy in that regards.

Bring Back Cleanupcrew

Danica is NO lock to be back in Indy Car in 2011 either (probably for the Indy 500). I don't care what Cavin or Mike Andretti say. They were saying all 4 drivers were coming back too, as recently as last week. Those contracts mean little.

Go Daddy wants her in NASCAR. Some of her other sponsors do as well. They are paying her way now. She will go, where they tell her.

Andretti's team is dying. Danica won't do jack with that group next year. TK did most of the setup work. And they are likely to lose both of their best drivers and most of their REAL money.

If she's smart, she dumps Indy Car and goes to Nationwide full-time in 2011. If she wants any sort of NASCAR career, she needs to get serious about it. Otherwise, her racing career may be over soon. Because Go-Daddy don't give 2 craps about Indy Cars and will make her make a decision soon.

Steve K

If there is ever a year to have less sponsorship it is 2011. This is the last year for the old equipment. It's already been bought. It's already in the shops. Just don't KV it or you won't have anything to drive. Another reason not to panic, the season ended a couple years ago. Allow these teams time to try to find sponsorship. Expect a high car count and a huge field trying to qualify at Indy.


I may be in the minority but TK sure wasn't very fun/friendly this year in my opinion. There were many occasions where he was whining when he got out of the car about the racing being too close, so and so did him wrong, etc... I'm thinking TK was very unhappy this year. I'm not sure if it was because he was worried about sponsorship but it came off very poorly and a bit two-faced.

Honestly, he seemed to get more joy out of working out for his triathlons rather than driving a car in close quarters and if this is the case he needs to retire.

At this point in their careers Danica is definitely the preferred driver for sponsors because people from all walks of life know who she is and she invokes a response, which is what companies are looking for.

John S

"Cameron in a red dress" Lets not gloss over this news. Where?


Cameron tweeted that she was going to wear a red dress to the celebration. You'll have to imagine since I know of no photos.


Add talk of "backmarkers" and subtract the marathons, and I'd swear Becky is talking about Dario Franchitti.

Air Jordan 11


keylogger for Mac

I do love the pic.

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