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October 08, 2010


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Tom M.

I don't watch South Park as much as I used to...but....If you can put up with their crude humor.....THIS IS BEYOND STUPIDLY FUNNY!!! And the fact get got Danica in on the act is even better.

Pat W

Superb :)


The best part is that Danica gets it unlike many Nascar fans who were offended. When asked about the episode she said something to the effect of...anytime someone thinks enough of you to make fun of you it is a good thing.


I agree with Danica. If South Park wanted to satirize IndyCar they could have a character driving around with crickets in the stands there are soooo many other ways to go as well. But they won't satirize IndyCar because it's far to obscure for their mass audience to get.

Richard Wright

Ironically, didn't all of this happen at the Bell Centre in South Park?

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