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November 29, 2010


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Travis R

One thing I like about Sarah is that she really does seem to put "making the right decision" before "taking care of her ego", which is a problem a lot of owner-drivers in racing history seem to have a hard time with. She seems very humble and honest with herself, and that's very admirable.

I think she is doing a good thing for herself and SFR here. She'll be able to concentrate on running the team and will have a decent driver behind the wheel. Hopefully, the sponsorship arrangements continue and the chemistry is good.

I assume that since there was no mention of a second car, they will be a one-car team next year? Maybe I missed something in regards to the Jay Howard car?

It's also interesting how they are racing a mixture of ovals and non-ovals, when they seemed to concentrate primarily on ovals over the last couple of years.

Mike from Ames

Mr. Pressdog, I'll be joining the 67 Posse at Iowa Speedway next year. Can't wait.


You know, it is always hard for a driver to make the decision to step out of the car. Sarah is a class act and I doubt anyone would say " you should stay in the car and drive girl". Good luck to her and her team in the coming 2011 season.

Jim Bob

Sarah is about family first. And for her, its time to start a family with Andy. Don't be surprised at all, if by May, we hear about Sarah and pregnancy. Maybe the first pregnant team owner in Indy 500 history?

Good move by SFR. Ed likely brings at least one good chassis with him and a lot of data/setup info that SFR was lacking. Plus this likely frees up SFR to put a quality 2nd car program for Indy together, with the other equipment they already have in the stable.

Another step in the growth of SFR, looking to become a full-time team in 2012.

And one last salute to Sarah Fisher. The true modern-day pioneer of female racers in Indy Car Racing. She was here before the others and will be here long before they are gone.


It's kinda sad to lose one of the 5 active Americans... at least good things appear to be happening for Kimball, Rahal, and Hilderbrand, and now Ed's got 9 races.

Hopefully SFR can move full time in 2012, with the new equipment, and maybe get some decent funding to be a competitive team.


I'm sorry to see SF leave the driver's seat. She is still a reasonably strong competitor on the ovals, and I don't like the double standard that women must give up driving for "family" while men certainly don't. (For example, Ed Carpenter has kids. Isn't it reckless of him to put his life in danger by driving? And shouldn't Tony Kanaan retire now to focus on his son? Yeah, only childless men should be allowed to drive...) SF would have really made a statement by being the first mother to compete in the Indy 500. Now THAT would get the attention of sponsors and fans! Oh, well, that day will just have to wait for some other driver. Danica?

The nine race schedule for SFR also shows how the non-North American races really do a disservice to the smaller teams. That automatically knocks them out of contention for a top 10 finish in total points at season's end. If IndyCar wants such races it should make sure that all teams can get there.

Finally, Ed, hit some go-kart and road courses this off season! Practice! Let's see SFR post some decent road course finishes in 2011.


I don't think any woman would want to drive a race car while pregnant (at any stage) which means at least one season out of thecar, but after the baby is born there's certainly no reason why a woman couldn't come back to racing. Sarah may still do that. Hard to say. One-off at an Indy 500 in 2012 or later? Could happen. I think more than anything she's just ready to move on to being an owner. She's been racing since age 5, after all.

Tom M.

I know you're uber stoked about this....and I am too. I just hope this doesn't turn into another bitchslapping year and sarah and some other folks can prevent it!!

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