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November 29, 2010


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DONE!! (well, the first part, need to do the second part in the next couple of days)

Here's what I posted to their Marketing tag:

Thank you, Thank you for your continued support of IndyCar racing and in particular, Sarah Fisher Racing and her new driver Ed Carpenter.

The team represents some of the best in America as does Dollar General. I will continue to be a loyal customer especially because of your sponsorship of these great people. Thank you again!!


Dude, that's an awesome note. Well done. HUGE.


Message hollahed:

Just wanted to send a note of thanks for supporting my daughter's favorite team, Sarah Fisher Racing, as they transition from Sarah as primary driver to Ed Carpenter (another personal favorite driver). Sarah Fisher is a great example for young women - an intelligent, down-to-earth, hard-working female role model in a pop culture obsessed with extremes. Your support of such a great team gives me good reason to send friends and family your way instead of the Walgreens and Family Dollars of the world. Thank you again, I (and more importantly my daughter) appreciate it.


HUGE. Hoosierplew. You're making me misty with that note.


Awww geez Pdog... eyes were getting misty reading your twitter posts this morning- for these announcements sigh....soooo glad I was able to meet her in person this past June. Hoosierplews post just made me tear up again.. sheesh.. Sarah Fisher for past 20 plus years has been my number uno female racer for any type of racing cars. Seeing her lead in Chicago was THRILLING as if she had won...Thers so many highlights! I cant wait to see this..As an owner Indy car will see her strengths as a owner. I predict Ed WILL get a pole next year! GO Sarah! as a driver or owner we all will still follow you. Eds lucky to be on her team- its a perfect fit! Cant wait for the season opener! Lets go RACING!~~


Did it. Thanks pdog, great idea!

Trick Dickle

Great piece by Robin Miller on Sarah today. Robin sure can write good, when he puts his mind to it.

SF alluded to starting a family soon. My guess is that, it won't be long until you hear about Sarah and child.

Meanwhile in the female racing world, Danica just was used as a voice on The Simpson's and shot two more low-class Go-Daddy commercials.

Night. And. Day. Its why some love DP and some love Sarah. 2 completely different chica's.

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