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November 12, 2010


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Tom M.

hopefully someone else gets involved. this spec racing shit is getting old.

The Speedgeek

I suspect that Donkey Kong might just have to show up at the first race of 2012, then. Ooh! Maybe he'll fight the Firestone Firehawk! Off to book my flight!

Mike Silver

Can we just do Indy next year and move on to 2012?

Shane Rogers

Summary of Press Releases and Comments:

Chevrolet: "We're back, bitches. You want some? Yes, we will be sending you a race used crankshaft each back with your tax return next year, since you own half of us now."

Honda: "See that mate, that's the scoreboard, where have you been the last 5 years? IT'S ON!"

Panther Racing: "I for one, welcome our new bow tie wearing overlords."

Helio: "Turbochargers? Fun-TASTIC"

Firestone Firehawk: ""


When is Honda going to quit insulting race fans' intelligence and let the "no engine failures" crap go? They weren't competing against anyone, and they probably only ran 80-90% of their actual potential to ensure the lack of engine failures. Having failures as the sole supplier is the only thing dumber than those commercials.


"Having failures as the sole supplier is the only thing dumber than those commercials."

What else are they going to hype? I'm just grateful they stuck it out this long, for whatever reason.

Thank you Honda! Don't be too upset when sucking on bowtie exhaust in 2012.

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