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November 14, 2010


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I agree, the move to NASCAR isn't necessarily the best one. There's more money, but there's more stars to compete with. And Danica won't be the most popular driver anymore if she makes the switch. Plus, you've got to qualify for races to make money, and at this point, I'm not sure she'd be able to do that in Cup. Besides, if Danica's Sam Hornish level bad, eventually people will stop caring, especially if another female driver (Johanna Long) comes along and can win.

The Chevy to Indycar decision might help keep her in Indycar, because GM's a major backer of her move to NASCAR, but it's better for them to keep her successful in Indycar with them than in NASCAR finishing 30th every weekend.

The biggest thing that's going to affect her decision though is whether Indycar keeps growing or not. If Indycar's stuck at .5 ratings she may make the jump anyways, despite preformance, and hope that she will improve enough to be successful. But if Indycar continues to grow, and NASCAR keeps trending down, she is much more likely to stay. I hope she stays, she's Indycar's biggest star, she's one of the top 3 American drivers, and her being successful would be the number 1 thing that could help kickstart the series.

Mike Hare

Like your thought on this. I still have not seen the incidents. So "not a fan" of NASCAR that even a Danica race is not enough to get me to tune in but as soon as the chatter on Twitter heated up about the pushing and shoving, I turned it on to see if there would be a replay. Guess I'll have to wait for Windtunnel. All the ESPN carp is just as bad as the broadcasts so I won't be watching that either. Like you, I just hope that Randy pulls the rabbit out of his hat and get the IICS to a state of real viability so DP and all the rest of the drivers can do as the please instead of having to make economic decisions.

Concerned Fan

A power steering rack would go a long way towards making Danica a happy IndyCar driver. Right now, she runs many of the races on the schedule with a permanent handicap.

When a gorilla like Paul Tracy tells you that Edmonton is "physical," and drivers routinely end races with bleeding hands, it is time for IndyCar get on the clue train.

Why would Danica (IndyCar's biggest, most marketable star) want to stay in a game where she has no legitimate shot?

It's hilarious to watch IndyCar try to market the fact that their cars have extremely heavy steering, while simultaneously devaluing and discrediting their only truly name brand driver.

Danica laid it out a long time ago when the weight rules were changed. She said they took away my natural advantage, and left me stuck with my natural disadvantage.

If IndyCar doesn't implement a power steering option for the new chassis, then they are stone cold clueless. The market value of bragging about heavy steering is too little to care about. Danica Patrick is worth a hell of a lot more than that.

Make your stars unhappy. Make 'em look bad. Watch 'em leave.

Bet you weren't expect THAT! :-)


Interesting, Concerned. I think I agree. But watch the purists FREAK OUT over how you're "ruining the sport" via power steering. End of the day, Danica wants to (and needs to) win for herself and Brand Danica. If there's not shot a'tall to do that in IndyCar, why not lose for more in NASCAR?


I don't think power steering really matters one way or another. After all, Helio's not a big guy, and he's been fine. Besides, Danica and Simona both had good runs anyways.


Since 2 out of her 3 teamates won races this year, IndyCar being a "two teamopoly" isn't a good excuse for her not winning a race this past season. It's an apologistic excuse. Despite denials to the contrary, I think she has an issue of focus. As the season went on this year and she got further from from her initial nascar races her finishes in IndyCar got better.

I might add, time spent in nascar right now is time not spent doing something to improve her road racing skills, like carts, Daytona (24), Sebring or Petit LeMans.

The risk for is her that if she never makes the jump to Cup, the money barge won't pull into port, it will only cruise the harbor. In which case she would have been better served focussing on winning the 500 or allowing an organic rivalry with Simona or Ana to develope.

With TK's departure, the move to 3 cars, TK's salary being rolled back in to stuff like testing and engineering, Contrary to most, I expect Andretti to field better cars next year. The question is can either Danica or Marco benefit from it? The league certainly would if either did...

Jim Will Key

She is being outed in NASCAR as the no-talent she has always been.

Erin Crocker was better in stock cars then this joker.

She is a joke out there, battling with Morgan Shepherd and Tony Raines in a car, that should be in the top 10 EVERY week. She isn't getting better, no matter what the shills on ESPN say.

And she obviously is not drawing any fans. TV ratings haven't gone anywhere, since she started "learning" stock cars.

Jim Will Key

And Dog,

She wasn't "doing pretty well" at Phoenix. She was hanging out in the back of the pack (since there were only 35 actual race cars in the race) running with the backmarkers like Shepherd, Raines, Annett and Kennedy (all of whom are driving heaps of feces for low-buck teams).

11 or 12 races in, and she looks just as lost as she did in race 1. The car is either way too loose or way too tight for her and she has no clue what to do out there. And she has a well-earned target on her back, for coming into NASCAR and expecting respect. She has earned jack shit and will never earn anything until she shows she belongs with the midpackers; let alone the top drivers.

Kids like Cole Whitt show up and blow her doors off and they have no idea about stock cars either.

Her bushleague "ramming" of Kennedy (who is the eqivelent of Marty Roth) yesterday was sad, pathetic and should have earned her a parking by NASCAR officials. Of course, who gives a damn when its 2 losers hitting one another. Let em' go. The real race is happening elsewhere on the track.

Jim Bob

Jim is obviously not a fan of Rufus Patrick.

Her little "bumping" act yesterday, was in poor taste. In short-track racing, she better learn rubbing is racing in NASCAR. And she also better learn, to get the hell out of the way of faster cars.

At this point, she truly is just a novelty act. She is the fire-eater or bearded woman of the NASCAR AAA ball circus. I almost feel sorry for guys like Doc Punch and Dale Jarrett for having to continually make excuses for her and try and make her sorry performance each week. Most of the folks ain't buying it.

Hopefully, she gets better. It only makes Indy Car look worse, when drivers who are considered "stars", look like tools in a stock car.


Cole Whitt's been driving dirt and stock cars for two or three years. And since USAC has so many races, he's probably racing 60-70 nights a years. He's got a lot of something she doesn't--time in the seat. If Daniker wants to be serious about Nascar, then she should be racing ARCA or Nascar West or anything she can. And she probably shouldn't try to to both.


Maybe you should change your name to Lapdog, because that is what you have become with your lips pressed firmly against PSP's posterior with this PR drivel that you're spouting like this. Tell me, what are you doing with the thirty pieces of silver you're undoubtedly gotten for writing these puff pieces of garbage? Inquiring minds-those of us that still have them-want to know.


And I was afraid to use the word "Apologistic"...


Hm... well, I'm not sure how I feel about Danica's performance. I mean, she's not got a lot of stock car experience, but on the other hand, she's been downright awful, even for a very green rookie, considering how good her equipment is. I predicted she'd be consistently top 20 based on equipment alone, and she's not got a single lead lap finish. I mean, she's as bad or worse than any of the other open wheelers who went to NASCAR, and they all jumped straight to Cup, and weren't in great teams, she's in a great team in the second tier series.


Thanks for the suggestion, Smartest, but I think it's too late for a name change. I'd have to register a new domain, transfer everything over, plus I'd be out money invested in trademark and waste all my brand equity, I could end up losing all my 30 pieces of silver!

The Speedgeek

Several things:

1) 'Dog, welcome to the second reason (I mentioned that the NASCAR "tech" was one reason last week) out of a list of about 38 reasons that I don't watch NASCAR much anymore. How much talent does it take to knock somebody out of the way? Not very much, or at least not as much as it takes to set up and execute a pass cleanly. Therefore, I believe that "rubbing" actually sullies the racing product, as it allows drivers with lesser talent to finish ahead of drivers with greater talent (especially when there are no repercussions to that sort of behavior). I'm a purist in that regard, so feel free to call me an out of touch dweller of the '20s or something if you want.

2) I thought IndyCar introduced a power steering system of sorts a season or two ago, no? Wasn't there a big stink after it was found out that Danica had an early version on her car and basically nobody else did? And then didn't IndyCar announce that every car would have it for the following season (2009 or 2010, I can't remember)?

3) I've mentioned here about three times (though I can't seem to find any of my previous comments with which to quote/pat myself on the back with) that I can't imagine why anybody would think that Danica would do much in Nationbusch this year. The cars are completely different (big, heavy, very low downforce, tires can be burned off if you don't take care of them) than anything she's driven in her entire career, unless you count a couple Daytona Prototype starts and one race in a 550 Maranello GT1 car. This pales in comparison to those USAC guys mentioned above who drive cars that are fundamentally similar to stock cars multiple times a week, every week since they were 14. Anyway, maybe she turns out to be good in stock cars, but she'll do herself no favors by comtinuing to switch back and forth from IndyCar to NASCAR multiple times per year. She'll have to pick one or the other if she wants to run top-5 in either on a regular basis.

4) All of that said, like Pressdog, I think her best bet may be to take her reduced payckecks (oh, no! We're out of Dom! Better go get out the Cristal!) and rededicate herself 100% to what she's been training for since she was a dorky little girl in glasses and a huge, oversized karting helmet: winning the Indy 500. In my opinion, she's never going to rack up the miles (testing and racing) in NASCAR to be a front runner in Nationbusch, let alone Cup. The Indy 500 still means something in the American sporting landscape, and I think that the IndyCar series is on an upswing. She might wind up a big-ish fish in a medium sized pond in IndyCar, but isn't that better than being a minnow in NASCAR's ocean?

Trick Dickle

"If Daniker wants to be serious about Nascar, then she should be racing ARCA or Nascar West or anything she can."

That's the thing. She isn't serious about this. This is ALL about marketing and her silly "brand".

IF she was actually serious, she'd be down in ARCA where SHE BELONGS. She has absolutely NO BUSINESS in Nationwide. Everybody knows it. She has to be humbled about how tough the competition is in NASCAR's AAA version of stock car racing. She might be improving a little bit. But she is still SO far behind the top 20 guys, that its not even funny.

This is all about Go-Daddy and the Danica Patrick "brand" and selling more crap to the NASCAR world/fanbase. Its all its ever been about.

If she truly wants to become a competitive Nationwide driver; let alone a full-time Cup driver one day, she should quit Indy Cars today and make the committment to it. She has proven, she is not the natural talent to be able to go at it half-ass and get much done. And next year will be another half-ass NASCAR program.

Trick Dickle

"Cole Whitt's been driving dirt and stock cars for two or three years. And since USAC has so many races, he's probably racing 60-70 nights a years. He's got a lot of something she doesn't--time in the seat."

Cole Whitt made his Natiowide debut this weekend, and blew Danica's doors off.

He had all of 10 stock car races under his belt, before he got to Nationwide. TEN. In the NASCAR East Series (low A ball). He's all of 19 years old too.

So this teenager gets to Nationwide, with LESS stock car experience then DP. With a lot less professional racing experience then DP. With a much lower-rung Nationwide team and very little Cup involvement in the program. And he still kicked her ass.


I wasn't denigrating Whitt's abilities or saying Daniker was better, I'd just never heard of him before this weekend. Obviously, he's a very talented kid and an up-and-comer in Nascar.

So--okay--10 minor league N-car races. But I still say that lots of time in USAC--dirt and paved--translates better to Nascar than does similar experience in open-wheel. And my point was Daniker needs that experience if she wants to get better.


Interesting perspective on this, P-Dog, and many thoughtful responses as well. I think DP is demeaning herself and dimishing her brand by getting down in the second-tier Nationwide mud and wrestling with all of it's adolescent little piggies. She didn't come up through the stock car ranks and is clearly having a difficult time of it. She came up through the open wheel ranks (and road racing at that), and has showed genuine talent every step of the way. That is where she should focus her efforts. IndyCar is far more sophisticated than NASCRAP by any measure, and there is a glimmer of hope that it may get even better (new chassis, GM engine, etc.). I think that if she quietly left NASCRAP after this season and as an explanation would only cryptically refer to the big "culture difference" between NASCRAP and IndyCar she would be saying much with few words. She has what it takes to be a front runner in a more technically demanding (and, frankly, much more dangerous) form of racing than Nationwide, so that is what she should do. It fits her image much better.

louboutin schaussures

Love those! I enjoy following your posts on facebook and rss!

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