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December 07, 2010


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Concerned Fan

Our watch = Badly beaten face.



Spend obscene amounts of $$$ for a HUBLOT timepiece & run the risk of getting your A$$ kicked during a mugging too!!!

Bernie is brave, & so is HUBLOT's Art Director!!! :) :)

Titus Pullo

Bernie is my hero. 80 years old and has a 31 year of Brazilian girlfriend.


Don't worship him too much: I am sure she spends his money but doesn't touch his wrinkled tool.

Chris Lukens

Just imagine what those guys in Austin will look like after Bernie mugs THEM.


Can you imagine the marketing spin he could have created if he survived the sinking of the Titanic?

A true genius, whether you like him or not.

Concerned Fan

@GeorgeK: You have an extremely low bar for genius.

Brian McKay

Bernie did survive the Titanic sinking. He's old, cold and shriveled...

I agree with the assessment that the ad says essentially 'wear a Hublot wristwatch in London, and this could be you.'
I'll buy two (not)!


@ Concerned Fan: You may be right, how about I call him an icon of opportunism :)

Pat W

He certainly has a lot of F1 King power.


Bernie survived the Titanic sinking by not being born until after it sank :)

This is just the used car salesman coming out.


I know the injuries are the main point, but I can't stop looking at his hair.


Thank you, redd. I thought it was just me.

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