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December 15, 2010


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This is pretty big for JR. Panther's a strong team, with 10 Million in funding from National Guard, and are (almost) capable of wins. With AA's problems, they could even be the best of the non red teams. He should be good on both ovals and road courses, and Panther's equipment is fairly good, and they're excellent at Indy. It was bad for Hildebrand not to have a ride after winning the Lights title in 09, but honestly it's probably better to wait a year and get with Panther than joining in 09 with Conquest or another smaller team. Better yet, he's not brining any money with him and is getting a paycheck, though Wheldon did start litigation over his checks...


JR should ask Monza what tanks on their race track did for the surface ;)

I'm glad he's in the series fulltime. Should've happened a year ago, but I doubt he has any regrets as he's now racing for Panther Racing. Should be a good prospect for the future.

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