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December 29, 2010


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He got new cars.
He got new engines.
He put a great big gun to a few heads & said you WILL hire American drivers.

One good thing after another....BUT..... he's keeping TGBB...

Another single file, orchestrated start at Indy this year will negate it all. I don't get it 'dog. Why is he keeping 'racin ain't allowed' Brian??


One of the things I like best about Randy is his methodical approach to challenges. He doesn't seem like a guy who tries to win with one thundering home run. He's a guy who strings together singles and doubles over the long term. That's the proven way to success, BTW. Barnhart needs to ditch his "unintended consequences" fears first and foremost. That's been an excuse for not changing anything. I'd say if Barnhart doesn't take to the Bernard schwerve he won't be around long. We shall see.


There's a ton of time left to send Barnhart packing... and with Bernard being so new, it's probably hard for him to fire Barnhart... but by 2012 I'm hoping he's out. I'm happy with most of what Randy's doing, and his increased involvement in the marketing and promotion next year should be a great addition to the series.

Travis R

I really enjoyed reading that interview. Randy seems like a real down-to-Earth and honest guy with a realistic plan. He's not afraid to tell it like it is. Hopefully, he's just as honest with Brian Barnhart and Brian will listen. I think it would be fair to give Barnhart 2011 to improve. If Barnhart is willing to work with him, I think they can find a solution.


Agreed, Travis. When a new boss comes in and sets his/her expectations, it's only fair to give everyone a chance to meet them, leave if they don't dig it or get tossed.


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.


IF all of these new changes can combine with a rebounding economy we may be coming upon a new golden era of open wheel racing, and hopefully competition for the Penske-Ganassi death star.

A safe and happy New Year to Dog and all his readers and posters.

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