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January 13, 2011


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More good stuff from the 'Dog. Hope to see her at the very least get a good test w someone. Did miss one very important question - to ask which EPL team she supports. Fans gotta know.


Good luck to Katherine. Would like to see her in INDYCAR...sorry for screaming.


Oh here we go. Back to this -- psshh -- exceedingly good writing & right proper journalism thing around here.

BOOOO!!!! Needs more ether and attempted murder!!!*

*needs no such things


That crash at Road America was one of the most unbelievable things I've ever seen. I'll never forget that day. I was absolutely convinced she was gone. When she came sauntering out of the medical trailer and talked to the interviewer as if she was describing a particularly lovely bit of tea and biscuits she'd just enjoyed, my jaw dropped. Would love to see her back in American racing. Go KL!


Wait, what??? "SCREAMED GERMAN in IndyCar"??? Come on, Simona does that (somewhat) already....what we need is more SCREAMED BRITISH-ISMS in case Pippster doesn't get hired.

Come on, man! CHUFFING RUBBISH!!!!

Jack The Root

With all the quality drivers looking for rides, I don't think we really need someone like Kat Legge. No oval experience either.

The female driver thing isn't "new" anymore.


Wrong, Jack The Root. Check Milwaukee the last year she ran in CC. Did quite well in her one and only oval. I consider her a quality driver looking for a ride - not a "female driver thing".

Leigh O'Gorman

I'd be very interested to hear who she is talking to (if she is talking to anyone). Wasn't Greg Beck rumoured to re-entering Team 3G at several events this year?


Kat would have done very well on ovals given the chance, (especially twin ring Motegi). She proved her worthiness in both Milwaukee and Las Vegas with a 6th. She was running very close to top 5 at Elkhart until the crash. It's too bad she got caught up in the split/merger turmoil but the nine retirements (arguably some were avoidable incidents) in CCWS 2007 didn't do her any favors in securing a future in US open wheel. Her return to Indy OW is very timely.


God bless her but she is rubbish, her DTM results were nothing to write home about, which is probably the reason she never wrote home about them.

Can anyone point me to a single result in her entire CCWS career which would justify anybody giving her an IndyCar ride now? Yes, she did well in an only half decent Atlantic Series, but her subsequent time in Champ Car was only marginally better than horrific. Her two career top six finishes were mainly due to high rates of attrition.

Last year in DTM she finished tied for last place in the series with Congfu Cheng and Darryl O'Young who only entered the final round. every other driver in the series managed to score points at some stage in the year. In three years of trying she managed not one scoring finish.

This injection of unwanted realism should not be confused with the fact that she's a lovely girl with a great personality. She's just no good at racing cars.


Hmmm... lots of good points in the comment section.

Great article too PDog.

I agree that Legge's DTM results were far from stellar, but I was impressed with her ability behind-the-wheel in Atlantics. Dex is correct in saying the Atlantic Championship field in 2005 wasn't the best, but there were plenty of extremely-talented drivers participating that season (the problem was most were only there for a one-off).

Regardless, I'd love to see her in IndyCar or at least back in the open-wheel ranks. I don't think anyone would blame her, however, if she decided against transitioning back after watching her horrific crash in 2006. That's a moment I will never forget.

If you look back several years, Legge nabbed a pole position in Formula Renault 2002 - despite only running a few races that season - against a very deep field. That has to count for something.

Does anyone have her karting statistics? That can tell you a lot about a drivers true ability.

Ivo Beutler

Thanks for the recap! I didn't catch this one... She's one of my girlfriend's role models in life, especially when it comes to drivin' race cars. We're both glad to see her back in action.

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