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January 28, 2011


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This story is about the same as when Peter Windsor talked about how USF1 wanted Danica...If she moves to NASCAR, then she'll almost certaintly go to something Hendrick related (stewart Haas?) or RCR. Maybe Gibbs if Toyota decides they want her. I can't see a move to RPM going very well for her, or for them.


I tend to agree, Dylan, that this is a name drop to get some pub. Plus it's put out by NASCAR, which knows it will get picked up by the media and generate some pub for the entire league. From Danica's perspective, the more bidders or even people who talk about wanting her services the better. Just like you and me ... we want five job offers so you can pick the best one. I don't see Danica chasing cash over competitiveness either. Danica is already rich, frankly, and I think she wants to win more than adding a million to the already multi-million-dollar pay check. She's got cash. Winning is the missing piece for her.

Mike M

Wow, NASCAR. They are so cheap and dirty. Maybe Desperate would be a better word.

Bet the drives running up front in the Nationwide series are feeling their accomplishments are appreciated.

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