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January 05, 2011


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Mark Miller

I love that Indycar teams and drivers are becoming more active in Twitter. As a long time Andretti fan myself, I follow both Andretti Autosport and Marco Andretti on Twitter. I especially enjoy reading Marco's tweets, as with him bei g my favorite driver, it's interesting hearing what he's doing in the off-season. And there were many races in 2010 where Marco's pit crew would tweet Marco's status and updates all throughout the races, which is great, because in this day and age of constant multi-tasking, it's easy to miss something here and there. I don't follow any of the other Indycar teams and drivers, and so I can't comment on their involvement in Twitter, but so far I'm impressed with all the constant tweets coming from Andretti Autosport and Marco. Before I got started in Twitter last year. it was always waiting several months between seasons to hear almost anything about Indycar, especially from the Andretti's (of course, I could have searched the internet during my pre-Twitter days for news and such, but it's just not easy finding the time to do that. And so with Twitter, I'm constantly hearing about Andretti Autosport and Marco. It's fun and it just adds to the experience. Twitter is great!!! :-)

Leigh O'Gorman

"The biggest threat to Twitter, many agree, is that it will become sanitized and corporatized to the point that users no longer pay attention to it."

Absolutely bang on sir!


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...

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