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January 07, 2011


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Really an amazing series of posts here. As someone who works in market research and who is actively a part of finding how we can help our clients' and their brands better utilize social media to strengthen the bond with consumers, you've written an amazing case study for me to cite whenever I'm talking to people about how this can really work.

Of course, as a follower and Indycar fan (sorry not all caps ;-p) I've known this for a couple of years now and have reaped the benefits when, sitting in the stands at a race, I'm informing tens of people around me what's going on or what's happened because I'm burning my cellphone battery to the nub refreshing my twitter feed just featuring teams/drivers/sponsors.

Keep on preaching brother, I'm definitely a member of this church!

Well done, well said, it's a well earned beer:30 for you.

Randy Bernard, if/when you're reading, THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT (and I think you've realized that this past year!!) Twitter is my lifeblood on Saturday nights/Sunday afternoons when there's a race on!


I fully concur with the above commenter, Bill. An excellent series. Should be required reading for marketers -- nay, all businesspeople -- everywhere. And thanks for including my tweet in part V. I bet my follower number will just EXPLODE now!

[Checks follower number.]


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