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February 14, 2011


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I'm very happy for Milka and wish her continued success and good luck in ARCA.


Good for her!


Milka--from all reports an intelligent and personable (and good-lookin') woman--was just not competitive on road courses in Indycar. On ovals she seemed somewhat better--with an exception or two (look out Marco!) Was she overly-criticized or singled out? I don't know.

But on a personal level--as far as courage, education, personality, determination, volunteerism and achievement, I think she has to be admired.

I wish her the best wherever she races.

Jim Will Key

She didn't look much different then Danicker looked in the ARCA race last year.

Of course, Danicker was just learning a lot.

Ron Ford

I was always impressed with the grace with which Milka handled all the criticism and ridicule heaped upon her. Despite all that she did her best to promote the sport with fans. I think she will do well in Arca and perhaps beyond. I wish good luck and good racin'.


"IndyCar fans who dislike her should also be happy she did well in the ARCA race, because then she won't be in IndyCar. Everyone wins, I guess."

There's even more to that: if she does well in stock cars, people will say "whoa, then Viso and Moraes must be sick good drivers!"


""IndyCar fans who dislike her"

Was it that they disliked her, or disliked her presence in the series? When a driver is 8 secs off the pace, they have no business in that series.

She is by all accounts a nice person, but far from doing "her best to promote the sport", her ego-driven vanity drive in ICS endangered other drivers and made the series look unprofessional and junior league.

If she can find success in the lower levels of stock-car racing, more power to her. But for pity's sake, keep her far way from IndyCar ...


It's a relief that nobody was seriously hurt from the accident. She a great driver and I wish her well.

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